Bobby All Update

Bobby’s son, Jimmy, has posted an update in the comments section of my post here. Please continue to keep Bobby and his family in your prayers. Again, if you are able to help his family in other ways, please do so. Bobby has contributed immeasurably to the music that we all love so much.


Bobby All Hospitalized

According to the Singing News site, Bobby All has been hospitalized for a severe infection and is currently in ICU.  We all need to remember his family in our prayers.  All is one of the foremost guitarists in the SG studio scene, and has been for quite a number of years.  You’d be surprised by looking at your CD inserts how many different artists with whom he has recorded.  If you can help his family, please do.

Hidden Gems: Gold City – “A Little Down Payment”

This song came off of the 1997 effort from Gold City, What A Great Lifestyle.  This is an upbeat, traditional song penned by Squire Parsons.  Good group vocals on the first verse and chorus with the melody in Trammell’s baritone line, then a key change and the melody switches to Jonathan Wilburn on the second verse and chorus.  The key changes again and Jay Parrack takes the lead.  A second repeat of the chorus with a key change in the middle occurs and leads to the tag with a couple of surprising chord progressions thrown in.  Is there anything overly flashy about this track?  Not really, but it features the Parrack, Wilburn, Trammell, Riley lineup at their best.  Very solid, very smooth, and very enjoyable.  Put this track on and just try to keep your foot from tapping.

Monument Quartet Changes

I went to Monument’s website today and noticed that they have not only a new bass singer (I guess Mike Allen is finished filling in) but it appears they have a new lead singer as well. Looks like it’s out with John Tidwell and in with Daryl Williams. Either that or it’s someone who looks just like him! There are no names listed in the bio on their official site or their myspace page. I’m looking forward to hearing more about this one and the future of the Daryl Williams Trio. Any hear anything about this?

Everyday Driven Leaves The Road

It seems that we have seen more groups fold in the last couple of years than I ever remember seeing.  According to this story on the Singing News site, Everyday Driven is coming off the road.  Buddy Mullins is the new music minister at Crosspoint Church in Gadsden, AL (isn’t this where a lot of the guys in Gold City attend church?), Paul Lancaster, as reported a couple weeks ago, has joined the Greenes, Kerri Mullins will be working with her husband, and Channing Eleton is going out solo.  God bless each of them in their endeavors.

Kingsmen Band Status

A report on the SN forums states that Zack Swain was playing piano for the Kingsmen, officially as a “fill-in”, but poster DJS is hoping that Swain stays on. I’m not familiar with Zack or his playing, but he impressed long-time Kingsmen fan DJS. It is heartening to see that the Kingsmen are still intent on re-establishing their band, which has long been a trademark for them.

UPDATE: Nate found Zack’s myspace page here.  You can go there for bio information, sound clips, etc.

New Information On Gold City Recordings

Brandon over at Coomer Cove has the scoop from the SN forums on Gold City’s upcoming CD. I too am interested in hearing Gold City’s take on the Imperials’ “Bread Upon The Water”, as I thought the GVB had an incredible version of it on Give It Away. The GVB version has some really nice harmony and just a great updated feel to the song. It will provide for an interesting contrast to Gold City’s upcoming version. I do find it interesting that all these Taff era Imperials tunes are seeing the light of day again, which is a testament to the strength of the material.

Also in the SN thread is the information that Gold City will be releasing Classics, vol. 2. Included will be “How Deep Is The Water”, “Just Like You”, and “Holy Anointing”. This will also be a fairly interesting compilation, more for what is chosen to be recorded as opposed to what it actually sounds like.

Stay tuned!

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