Lefevre Quartet Returns, Signs With Beckie Simmons Agency

The Priority experiment has ended.  According to this press release, Mike Lefevre has reclaimed the name Lefevre Quartet for his group, and additionally, the group has signed on with Beckie Simmons, which is not a surprising move, with Mike’s long tenure with Gold City, and the group’s history with Beckie Simmons.  The name change comes with the blessing of the Lefevre family, with this from Meurice Lefevre:

Mylon and I are absolutely and completely supportive of Mike and his group and the work they are doing for our Lord and Saviour.

Glad to see the name get changed back to the Lefevre Quartet, I never could get used to calling them Priority.

Priority Names Nathaniel Justice New Tenor

Priority has named Nathaniel Justice as their new tenor, replacing Gus Gaches, according to this news story on SGN.  His background performing on stage at Disney and Cedar Point is quite interesting, and a bit unique.  I’ll be interested to hear how he sounds with the group.  I understand, and as is mentioned in the story, that he has filled in with them in the past.  Congratulations to Nathaniel and Priority!

YouTube Clip Revisited – Gus Gaches

Here is a great song featuring Legacy Five’s new tenor, Gus Gaches.  This was originally posted on September 9, 2009.


Keith Inman Joins Priority

According to the Singing News story here, Priority (formerly the Lefevre Quartet) has announced Stacey Bragg’s departure as bass singer.  Filling the bass position is Keith Inman.  Keith is Clayton’s brother and Scotty’s uncle.  I’m very familiar with Keith, we’ve had his family’s group, The Inmans, at our church, and they’ve been to many of our concerts at Faith (especially when Clayton and Scotty have been there).  Keith has a great smooth bass voice with a lot of power and resonance to his tones.  He is not a subsonically low bass singer, but he will fit nicely with Priority.  Congratulations to Priority and to Keith! (hat tip, Daniel)

YouTube Clip #28 – Priority Quartet

I had the honor of having Priority (formerly known as The Mike LeFevre Quartet) at my church a few weeks ago.  Here is a clip off their live DVD featuring a song from “Total Praise.”  This is a great feature for their tenor Gus Gaches, who in my opinion is one of the best full voice tenors out there.  Take a listen and you’ll understand why  he is quickly becoming a favorite.

Priority’s Website and Live DVD Preview

The story went around a while back about the Lefevre Quartet changing their name to Priority.  However, I haven’t seen their website mentioned, and it has been released and is very sharp.  It’s prioritymusic.net, and on the front page they have a link to a preview of their new concert DVD.  The preview is their version of “The Cloud He’s Coming Back On”, and though the song has been rerecorded by several groups recently, this version may top them all.  I love the numerous key changes at what are seemingly random times, it seems to add some spice to the arrangement that I’ve not heard in the others.  The group sounds great, Gus Gaches in particular really has a nice tone quality to his voice.  He may not have the ultra highs in his range, but he has one of the most pleasing tenor voices you’ll hear.  It’s definitely worth checking out.

Lefevre Quartet Becomes Priority

The press release went out last week that the Lefevre Quartet was changing their name to Priority, due to the passing of Eva Mae Lefevre and out of respect for the family name.  While I definitely respect the family’s wishes, and if that is the way they want to pay tribute to the matriarch of the family, that’s certainly a fitting tribute, but I have to think it puts Priority in a bit of a bind.  The group was starting to really hit its stride with their debut Canaan release, and now they have to almost start over in establishing their identity.  Actually, I think the official group name was still the Mike Lefevre Quartet, as that is what is on the cover of Nothin’ But Good, and Mike’s recognizable name from his Gold City and Assurance days provided them with some credibility up front.  Now, they’ll have to establish that credibility as Priority.    This will certainly be a challenge, but one that can be met, as these guys are good no matter what you call them.  Best wishes to Priority as they move forward.  In case you haven’t seen it, I’ll copy the PR text below.

In a bold move, the LeFevre Quartet announced their decision to retire the family name with the recent passing of matriarch Eva Mae LeFevre. The group will be known as “Priority”.

A partnership, forged barely four years ago, established a sound and set in motion a number of unprecedented milestones. Within months of forming, fans voted them Horizon Group of the Year at the 2006 Singing News Fan Awards because of what they heard and saw in them. The following year came Breakthrough Artist of the Year Award. Next came television appearances on Dr. Charles Stanley’s popular In Touch program, a 2009 Dove Award nomination and recordings along the way that simply raised the bar for an entire genre.

This move comes in response to a request by some LeFevre family members to discontinue the name when Eva Mae was no longer able to travel. In a statement, Priority (Stacy Bragg, Gus Gaches, Mike LeFevre, and David Staton) said:

“We were able to honor a name that had such an influence on gospel music in America. On nearly every recording we’ve done, we re-recorded a classic LeFevre tune as a sort of tribute.”

Recognizing that now is the time for them to impact this generation of gospel music fans and the twenty-first century church, the group hopes to solidly establish their identity as “Priority”. The name is a reflection of who they are, what they’re about, why they do what they do, where they’re headed, and how they’ve gotten this far.

“Life is about relationships and priorities. God has blessed so much, and certainly not because we’ve done anything to deserve or earn His favor. So we want our relationships to take priority—with Him, our families, our churches, and each other.”

There are no personnel changes and no changes in musical style, just a new name.  The group will still travel with a live band consisting of Jordan LeFevre and Trey Ivey.  Audiences will continue to hear the trademark harmony and talented musicians.

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