David Bruce Murray has a post on Musicscribe noting the supposed revival of the Homeland/Riversong/Heartwarming record labels.  I went to the site for Homeland Entertainment linked on his story, and though several groups are mentioned as being signed to the Riversong label (3for1 being the most notable), we’ve seen no real movement by any of the involved parties.  The site itself does not appear to have been updated yet in 2008, which means it is at least 4 months outdated.  This has the potential to be as big as the revival of Canaan Records, but they really need to get some movement going.  How about rereleasing some choice Heartwarming cuts from the past, ala Canaan Revisited?  On Heartwarming you have groups like the Oak Ridge Boys, the Downings, the Imperials, the Speers, and plenty of others.  Or maybe CD boxed sets of the Heartwarming releases by the aforementioned artists, how great would that be?  C’mon guys, let’s get some good movement and traction going!

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