Gaither TV Launches

After amassing 20 years or so of Homecoming videos and countless hours of concert footage, Gaither Productions just announced the launch of their new internet TV station, GaitherTV.  This was surely inevitable, as it was one of the few remaining uncharted waters for the Gaithers.  The site promises 24/7 access to all Gaither TV specials, 5 full length Homecoming videos each month “hand picked by Bill”, concert footage, B-roll footage, and streaming music.  The subscription price is $4.99 per month, with a free 7 day trial period.

A couple of thoughts here:  I do think this is potentially a pretty big move for Gaither, as online video streaming is not going away any time soon.  I do think there is one challenge, though, and that is having to pay for viewing TV specials that you can watch for “free” on TV.  I’d like to have seen them go with a two tiered model: the “free” version that gives you access to the archives of all the Gaither TV specials, and then a paid, premium version that grants access to the concert footage, B-roll stuff, and the full length videos.  I dare say it wouldn’t be out of the question for them to move to that type of model at some point.

Here is the text of the press release:

Gaither Television Productions Announces
the Launch of Internet Television Station
This is an exciting day in the life of Bill and Gloria, and the entire Homecoming family! Starting today, people all over the world can access Gaither Music’s huge library of Homecoming television specials and much more through GaitherTV!
Anyone with an internet connection can view Gaither programming anytime, anywhere, including:
  • 24/7 access to all Homecoming TV specials
  • 5 full-length Homecoming videos each month, handpicked by Bill
  • Exclusive concert footage not available anywhere else
  • Behind-the-scenes footage and special features
  • Non-stop music streaming when you just want to hear music
View GaitherTV using your computer, smart phone, tablet device or internet television!  Try it for free!

2011 Dove Nominees Announced

The nominees for the 2011 Dove Awards were announced today.  Below is a run down of relevant SG nominations (SG nominees italicized).

Male Vocalist of the Year
Doug Anderson
Chris August
Jason Crabb
Brandon Heath
Israel Houghton
Marvin Sapp
Chris Tomlin
Female Vocalist of the Year
Audrey Assad
Francesca Battistelli
Natalie Grant
Britt Nicole
Janet Paschal
Kerrie Roberts
Laura Story
Group of the Year
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Gaither Vocal Band
Sidewalk Prophets
Tenth Avenue North
Artist of the Year
Francesca Battistelli
Jason Crabb
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Natalie Grant
Marvin Sapp
Chris Tomlin
Song of the Year:
– “All of Creation”; MercyMe; Bart Millard, Robby Shaffer, Jim Bryson, Mike Scheuchzer, Barry Graul; Brown Bannister, Dan Muckala, Simpleville Music/Wet As A Fish Music/Wintergone Music/Banistuci Music (ASCAP)
– “Beautiful, Beautiful”; Francesca Battistelli; Francesca Battistelli, Ian Eskelin, Andrew Fromm; Word Music LLC (ASCAP), Designer Music, Inc./Honest and Popular Songs (SESAC), Universal Music/Z Songs/ Ocean at Night Music (BMI)
– “Get Back Up”; tobyMac; Toby McKeehan, Cary Barlowe, Jamie Moore, Aaron Rice; Achtober Songs (BMI), Emack Music/Rizzle Music/Jamnu Music (ASCAP), Castle Bound Music, Inc./Bummerman Music, Inc. (SESAC)
– “Hold My Heart”; Tenth Avenue North; Mike Donehey, Jason Ingram, Phillip LaRue; Formerly Music/Peertunes Ltd./Sony/ATV Timber Publishing/Windsor Way Music (SESAC)
“Lead Me”; Sanctus Real; Matt Hammitt, Jason Ingram, Chris Rohman; Birdwing Music/Toledo Tomorrow Music/1012 Rosedale Music (ASCAP), Windsor Hill Music/So Essential Tunes/West Main Music (SESAC)
– “Let The Waters Rise”; MIKESCHAIR; Sam Tinnesz, Mike Grayson, Ben Glover; Screaming Norman Music/WB Music Corp (ASCAP),
Curb Congregation Songs/Strength to Shout Publishing /Wave and Romi Publishing (SESAC)
– “Love Came Calling”; Triumphant Quartet; Wayne Haun, Joel Lindsey; PsalmSinger Music/Bridge Building Music/Hefton Hill Music (BMI)
– “Our God”; Chris Tomlin; Jonas Myrin, Matt Redman, Jesse Reeves, Chris Tomlin; Thankyou Music (PRS), sixsteps Music/ Songs/Said And Done Music/Vamos Publishing/SHOUT! Publishing (ASCAP)
– “Sometimes I Cry”; Jason Crabb; Gerald Crabb; Christian Taylor Music (BMI)
– “Starry Night”; Chris August; Chris August, Ed Cash; Word Music LLC (ASCAP), Alletrop Music (BMI)
Long Form Music Video of the Year
– A Beautiful Exchange; Hillsong Live; Joel Houston; Andrew Crawford, Joel Houston, Reuben Morgan, etc; N/A; Hillsong Church T/A Hillsong Music AU/Sparrow
– A Tribute to the Cathedral Quartet; Ernie Haase & Signature Sound; Doug Stuckey; Bill Gaither, Ernie Haase; Gaither Television Productions; Gaither Music Group
– An Inconvenient Christmas; The Oak Ridge Boys; Jim Halsey; Warren G. Stitt, David Forman, Duane Allen; Halsey DVD; Spring Hill Music Group
– Count Your Blessings; Bill and Gloria Gaither and Homecoming Friends; Doug Stuckey; Bill Gaither, Barry Jennings, Bill Carter; Gaither Television Productions; Gaither Music Group
– Until the Whole World Hears…Live; Casting Crowns; The Erwin Brothers; Dan Atchison; Alabama Production Company; Beachstreet/Reunion
I’ve yet to see the nominations online for the Southern/Country song and album, so I will update with those as soon as I can find them.  It’s great to see some SG talent being recognized in the multi-genre categories, such as Jason Crabb and Doug Anderson up in the male vocalist category, Janet Paschal in the female vocalist, and Triumphant Quartet in Song of the Year.  Best of luck to all the SG nominees.

YouTube Clip #31 – Logan Smith

In my “review” of the Gaither Homecoming concert in Augusta I mentioned young Logan Smith.  Here is a video of him singing with Ivan Parker and Ben Speer at NQC.


YouTube Clip# 20

I hope everyone had a nice Mother’s Day!

Here is a video released on Ernie Haase & Signature Sound’s YouTube channel about 2 months ago.  The captions pretty much explain everything so there’s no set up needed.  When I went to a Homecoming Concert a few weeks ago, I watched Ernie closer to see if he’s improved any.

YouTube Clip #13

Wes should be back tomorrow.  In the meantime here is something else to put you in the Christmas mood…and also a reminder of how good Anthony Burger was!  Man, I miss that guy.

Gordon Mote, studio musician

I was taking a look at Gordon Mote’s website and browsed to his links section. One of the links was to Artist Direct and it has a feature where you can enter a musician and it will list projects they have been involved in. If you are a country fan, as I am, you will find this list is a who’s who of artists. He has played for current hit makers Rascal Flatts, Toby Keith, Trace Adkins, Josh Turner, and Joe Nichols as well as veterans like Willie Nelson, Randy Travis, Martina McBride, and Alan Jackson who are still active in the country music industry. Of course there are Southern Gospel credits for The Crabb Family, Gold City, Brian Free & Assurance, The Freemans, LordSong as well as Homecoming artists like the Gaither Vocal Band, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Lynda Randle, Russ Taff, The Hoppers, Jeff & Sheri Easter, and The Booth Brothers. Very impressive indeed!

Here is the link.

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