Crossroads Offering Online Video

Crossroads has started offering online video.  They currently offer 4 concerts: NQC Highlights 2009 and 2010, as well as Balsam Range and Darin & Brooke Aldridge.  The single song videos can either be rented for $1.29 for 14 days as a streaming video, or can be purchased as an mp4 video clip for $2.99.  It will be interesting to see how well this does for them, it’s a great idea.  You can read their press release with details here.

New Free Singles by Crossroads

I noticed this morning that there were some new offerings on the Free Singles page at

This is a great benefit to all the members of their site and I wish other labels had this available as well.  If you don’t already have an account, sign up and go here for your free music.  Be sure to check back on occasion, they typically update them every few months.

An Interesting Experiment With Radio Singles

I’ve been meaning to comment about this, but if you sign up for Crossroads‘ email list, they actually offer free downloads of selected singles from the label.  They ask you to be their radio and encourage you to share the songs with friends and family.  Of course, the idea being that if they like the songs, they will seek out the artists and songs and purchase additional music from said artists.  It’s a great idea in theory, and it will be interesting to see just how well it works in practice.  In the meantime, head over to their site and sign up!

Some Questions Answered About NQC Live

Daniel Mount again has a fascinating blog post up.  This was actually contributed by Chris White of Crossroads Music, and in it he explains some of the rationale behind the NQC Live series, and how artists/songs are chosen and/or omitted from the lineup.  White’s post came from some recent discussion on Daniel’s site about the lineup for the new addition to the NQC Live series.  This is candid information that a lot of times fans are not privy to, so I applaud Chris and Crossroads for their transparency and willingness to answer some of the questions that the SG fans/customers have regarding said product.

Two New Releases Available Digitally On Crossroads’ Site

Though the official CD release dates are not until later on (Aug. 15 for the Kingsmen, Oct. 15 for the Talley Trio), both the Kingsmen’s Missing People and the Talley Trio’s Songs You Know By Heart are now available for download on Crossroads’ site.  Find the Kingsmen project here and the Talley Trio project here.  As the disclaimer states, the Talley Trio project is officially available for pre-order, but the digital version is already there.

Crossroads’ Soundtrack Demos

Nate had tipped me off to this a while back, but neither of us had really checked it out much until yesterday afternoon, but Crossroads’ soundtrack demos can be previewed in their entirety and can even be purchased at their normal price of $0.99 per song.  Most of you are probably thinking, why would I want to download soundtrack demos?  The answer is this:  Most of the demos feature Arthur Rice, and others have vocalists like Lauren Talley, Jodi Hosterman, David Sutton, Jeff Chapman, and Eric Bennett.  Here are some of the most impressive ones I’ve heard so far:

  • God Handled It All” – Features Arthur Rice singing the top 3 parts of the quartet and Jeff Chapman (I’m guessing) singing bass.  Rice absolutely drills the high D that Jay Parrack hits on the end of the song.  Incredibly impressive.
  • Mary Knew” – Jodi Hosterman sings the demo for this Brian Free & Assurance song beautifully.  He needs to cover this song sometime on a proper recording.
  • Are You Ready” – David Sutton does a great job on this Gold City hit.
  • I’m Rich” – Lauren Talley steps up to the plate and does a nice job on this tune.
  • I’ll Tell It Wherever I Go” – Lauren Talley nails this GVB hit song.  It really fits her voice well.
  • Healing” – Eric Bennett and Arthur Rice team up for this Cathedrals song, with Rice again handling the 3 top parts.

Incredibly gifted athletes are sometimes referred to as “freaks of nature”, so to extend that metaphor, Arthur Rice is definitely a “freak of nature.”  And I mean that in the nicest, most complimentary way possible.  There are plenty of other great soundtrack demos on the site, so spend a little time checking them out.

Debut Single By Archie Watkins Releases To Radio

Crossroads sent out a press release to their radio list today that announces the release of the debut single from Archie Watkins.  For the record, the song is called “He Will Remember Me” and was written by Lance Carpenter and Ricky Atkinson.  This is significant in several ways.  First it’s the kickoff single of Archie’s solo career since resigning from The Inspirations earlier this year, and it will be interesting to see how the song does, and by extension, Archie as a solo artist.  Secondly, and perhaps even more significant, is the fact that this is being released digitally to radio as a “one-off” from Crossroads’ monthly releases (which occur on the 25th of each month).  In fact, Archie’s CD hasn’t even been shipped yet to manufacturing, yet thanks to the new digital media push by Crossroads, the song is now available for SG radio.  A little birdie also told me that the entire album should be available for download well before the physical CDs make it to the store shelves as well.  This is what is good about the digital media revolution.  Congratulations to Archie, and to Crossroads as well for another pioneering move.

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