This is Wes’s blog about music, sports and anything else I feel like writing about.  Wes and his family from the Memphis area and love Southern Gospel music, especially quartets like Gold City and Brian Free & Assurance.  You can contact him here.

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  1. Wes,
    When I logged in to respond to you at Sogospelnews, it didn’t list any messages for me to retrieve…so I couldn’t respond there.

    When I send messages to my own email addresses, they’re going through…don’t know what to tell you. I purposely left spam and virus filters turned off on the contest addy so no one’s entry would get bounced. Sounds like it isn’t ever getting to my server at all, though.

    If all else fails, try: d b m u r r a y AT n c t v PERIOD c o m (without the spaces).

  2. Following been posted on our website.
    03.28.08 XM/Sirius Merger and enLighten

  3. Ron Papizan says:

    Hey guys,

    Calvarysway is a SG quartet in Ga. Nice following, good guys. We are about to release a new CD ” Mercy Met Me” Almost all original stuff. Folks who have heard it, tell me we should do some radio releases. I need an industry opinion and I respect yours. If that is a possibility, send me an address and a process to get the project to you.

    Thanks Ron P.

  4. Yes, It’s very sad about SG Singer Joel Hemphill. I first brought this out July 2008. Am glad to see many have written their take on Joel. Now I see Joel’s material denying the deity of Christ, and the Holy Trinity on other anti-deity of Christ sites. What a shame. One site kingdomready.org is a former high ranking leader with the Way International. There are over 100 tapes, pamphets, videos attacking the deity of Christ, along with Joel Hemphill. I wrote to Joel’s book agency, asking how a Christian agency can book Joel into churches that hold to the cardinal teachings of the Christian church. What a shame. PTL One Baptist church cancelled where Joel was to perform. A few other churches have done the same. One other SG Singer who denies the deity of Christ and the Holy Trinity is Jerry Bennet. I noticed his name at a conference of anti-deity of Christ speakers. I called him and he really gave it to me. He used to be a AOG. So sad. Blessings, James

  5. Chris Unthank says:

    Hey Wes – I’m trying to update my media list (got some new releases coming out soon) and want to make sure I’ve got the correct info on you. Can you email me your email addy?


    Chris Unthank

  6. jgurnett says:

    Wes – Are you related to Dwayne Burke who used to sing for the Singing Americans, Jericho, etc?

    • burkesbrainwork says:

      Does wishing make it so? LOL Nope, sure not. Would give me a leg up on getting my hands on old Singing Americans stuff if I was though! 🙂

  7. Patrick says:


    My name is Patrick Stafford and I’m sorry if this is an inappropriate place to post a request. I am producing a New Orleans jazz and gospel documentary and I am hoping you might be inclined to help us reach out to fans.

    Tradition is a Temple draws on New Orleans’ heritage to explore the passing of tradition from one generation to the next.

    May I send you some official information about our film? I am hoping that you will find it interesting enough to share it with Burke’s Brainwork readers, and with your friends and colleagues. It would be a great help to us.

    At the very least, I’d like to let you know about the film and to encourage you to keep a look out for screenings and news.

    For a trailer and more info visit:

    Take it easy,


  8. Bill May says:

    If you like Christian hymns, please check out my daughter’s debut album at marymargaretmay.com. She is more beautiful on the inside than out. She has started her second album with her independent producer in Nashville. Thank you, Bill May

  9. barb says:

    I am searching for the Singing Americans, the acapella song, God Be WIth you. Does anyone know if it exists somewhere?

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