CDs for Christmas 2011

Time for my annual list of SG music that I got for Christmas.  To give a little background; 8 plus years ago I was single and without a local SG station so I would buy dozens of CDs throughout the year, forming a collection on about 1000 CDs in a 10 year period.  I had to start watching my money better once I got married and bought a house, and later having a child.  I still buy a few throughout the year but I get the majority of them on Christmas and my Birthday.  This year there aren’t many to report since my wife was generous enough to get me a tablet, but here is my list.

  • Booth Brothers – Let it Be Known
  • Gold City – Somebody’s Coming
  • The Isaacs – Why Can’t We
  • Kingdom Heirs – We Will Stand Our Ground
  • In the non-SG category I got The Best of Rascal Flatts Live

What did you get this year?


YouTube Clip #50 – Sisters sing Star Spangled Banner

Great behind the scenes look at Sisters practicing for an upcoming performance.  Also included is the fun banter between the ladies that makes them seem like people you would just want to hang out with for hours.

SG Android Apps

Well I was supposed to be filling in for Wes while he was on vacation but as you can tell I have failed miserably!
I did however get my first smart phone this week, a Samsung Droid Charge. It’s been a lot of fun downloading and trying out all these great programs.
Do any of you have any “must have” apps that you are using on your Android phone? Is there anything related to Southern Gospel out there?

YouTube Clip #49 – Standing on the Solid Rock (Mercy’s Mark)

Since Harold Lane passed away earlier this week, we thought we’d offer in tribute this performance of one of his best known songs.  Mercy’s Mark absolutely nails this arrangement of “Standing On The Solid Rock”.

YouTube Clip #47 – Kingdom Heirs 2011

Here is a recent video of the current Kingdom Heirs.  Pianist Andy Stringfield takes the baritone on this one.  Jeff Chapman shows off in typical fashion.  The encore at the end features some nice and high tenor singing by Jerry Martin.

Welcome Molly Cate Burke!

I wanted to offer my congratulations to Wes in the birth of his third child, Molly Cate Burke.  She was born at 2:19am on 2/19/2011.   Everyone is doing well.  Wes has posted on facebook that he has already exposed her to Southern Gospel music with Gold City’s “Pillars of Faith.”  Great choice!

YouTube #46 – Tim Duncan Stand By Me

Here is a clip of Tim Duncan singing one of Signature Sound’s early hits.  You will be missed Tim!

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