Concert Review: The Debut of Legacy 5’s New Lineup

Change, they say, is inevitable. Few genres of music experience the turnover in personnel that we see in Southern Gospel. But sometimes, change is a good thing. Sometimes it can bring a new direction, a new energy, and a breath of fresh air. This is what we experienced tonight with the debut of Legacy 5’s new lineup. Lee Black is the new tenor, Scott Fowler remains on lead duties, Bryan Walker is the new baritone, Matt Fouch continues to hold down the bass part, and Josh Townsend on piano rounds out the new lineup of the group.

Set List:

  • Who Is This Man?
  • A Comfort to Know
  • I Found Grace
  • I Stand Redeemed
  • Getting Ready to Leave This World – piano solo
  • Love Pure Love
  • The Book
  • Great Is Thy Faithfulness – Bryan Walker solo
  • God’s Been Good
  • Champion of Love


  • Well Done My Child
  • God Bless the USA
  • I Made It To Arlington
  • Hallelujah Chorus
  • In the Hands of a Carpenter
  • When the Saints Go Marching In

First of all, though I REALLY wanted to do it, it was requested that no video be taken. So pictures are all I have. I talked with Scott before the concert, and he told me the record labels are going to try and crack down on videos and especially Facebook Live during concerts due to copyright laws. In this YouTube world, I’m pretty skeptical, but we’ll see how this goes.Legacy 5 took the stage tonight with a lot of energy. The excitement of finally getting on stage with the new guys was palpable. “A Comfort to Know” really set the tone for the night, as they inverted the last vocal chord up from the album cut, which helped the energy of the song immensely. This is as good a spot as any to brag on Lee Black. We already know he’s a fantastic writer, but he’s got a nice clear tenor voice and is likely their highest tenor since Frank Seamans. Just his range and clarity alone being a fresh sound to the group, and he did a masterful job on “I Stand Redeemed” and his own penned “In the Hands of a Carpenter”, which featured him moving to the keyboard and singing it as a duet with Fowler.

Both of the new songs that the group performed on their announcement video were performed, and “Love Pure Love” is especially catchy, while “The Book” is very strong lyrically. Bryan Walker then sang a verse of “Great is Thy Faithfulness” acapella, as he used to do with The Perrys. Bryan had been off the road for a few years now, but his voice is as strong and expressive as ever. His voice is so vastly different than Scott Howard’s, but with the brighter tenor tones of Lee Black, Walker fits like a glove. That combination has a world of potential. If you’ve never heard Josh Townsend’s testimony and heard him sing “God’s Been Good”, you need to do so as soon as possible. What a touching an encouraging message. The first half closed with a good rendition of “Champion of Love”.

After intermission, the group hit the stage with the old convention classic “Well Done My Child”. After a comedy bit, Josh Townsend took over the lead from Scott Fowler, but featured some of the highest harmony I’ve heard out of Legacy 5 in years while Matt Fouch rattled the walls with his bass note on the end and the crowd absolutely loved it! The concert ended with a rousing, New Orleans jazz inspired take on “When the Saints Go Marching In.”

For a debut of a new lineup, with 50% of the vocalists changing, the concert could only have been considered a rousing success. It sounds cliche to be sure, but the really was a renewed sense of energy and an enthusiasm in both the crowd and group that was easily felt. Vocally, these guys have a great blend and it will only get better with time to really gel. I’ve not said much about Matt Fouch yet, but this was my first opportunity to hear him and I came away incredibly impressed. He really kicked in the subs several times last night, but did so seemingly effortlessly and without even a hint of vocal fry. He’s got a really full, resonant bass voice that is very pleasing to the ear. Scott Fowler did a great job as lead singer and emcee. It was very obvious that he was excited to kick off this new era of Legacy 5, and mentioned several times that it was a historic night.

Replacing a founding member, especially after a long tenure, is always a challenge. Bryan Walker is definitely up to the challenge. He is so much opposite of Scott Howard vocally that I think it will work in his favor. There’s really no way to compare them as their voices are so different. Lee Black is a very big change at tenor, and it’s definitely a good change, especially with Bryan Walker’s lighter tones at the baritone spot. Having a songwriter of Black’s caliber in the group is also something to watch for, as I expect their material to take a huge leap as well, even as strong as it already was. The future for Legacy 5 looks extremely bright, and I’m excited to see how their sound evolves in the future. This was a great start.

Matt Fouch Joins Legacy Five

Legacy 5 announced yesterday afternoon that Matt Fouch, formerly with Soul’d Out, would be their new bass singer starting September 1.  Fouch is an incredible bass vocalist that will serve Legacy 5 well.  He has great depth with a nice cut and can sing solos extremely well.  The press releases that hit the blogs yesterday were extremely classy, and I have to say that it serves as an example of how these changes SHOULD be handled.  I hate to be late on this stuff, but I’m on a business trip in Florida, so you’ll excuse my tardiness.  Congratulations to Matt and Legacy 5, and best wishes to Soul’d Out as they begin their search for a new bass singer.

Glenn Dustin Leaves Legacy 5

Legacy 5 has just announced the departure of bass vocalist Glenn Dustin.  Dustin was an original member of the group, and his absence will leave a big hole.  Here is the text of the press release:

We are sad to announce Glenn Dustin’s departure from Legacy Five.  Glenn was an original member of our group.  His magnetic personality and stellar bass voice, has endeared him to audiences across the United States, and in other countries, over the past twelve years.
Here is a personal statement from Glenn:
Dear Legacy Five Family,
If you know me at all, you know I am a man of few words, so I’ll be brief.
It is with much regret that I am announcing my resignation.  Effective immediately, I will no longer be traveling and singing with Legacy Five.  I have had the time of my life, traveling the highways with L5, getting to meet so many wonderful people.  However, nothing lasts forever.  I have been honored to see so many things that I would have never had the opportunity to, apart from L5.  I have so many wonderful memories, and I will miss so many people.
Please keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers, and continue to pray for and encourage L5.  I will miss those men, and I doubt there will be a day that passes where I don’t think of them.  I have so many wonderful memories.
In His Grip,
Glenn “Cuz” Dustin
We have already begun the process of searching for a new Bass Singer.  We would appreciate your prayerful support, as we trust the Lord to bring us the person He has already chosen to complete our group .  Please keep Glenn and his family in your prayers as they begin this new chapter in their lives.
Those interested in being considered for the bass singer position need to submit an MP3 to
Glenn’s departure is the first non-tenor change in the primary vocal parts, so it will be interesting to see how fans respond to the change, as well as how the group’s vocal blend changes with the new singer.  Best wishes to Legacy 5 as they search for a new bass singer, and to Glenn Dustin as he starts a new chapter in his life.

Concert Review: An Evening To Remember

Last Friday night, my wife and I attended one of the Cathedrals Tribute series concerts, that are promoted as “An Evening To Remember.”  Quite so.  The concert was held at a fairly large church in Olive Branch, MS.  The balcony area was empty, but the main floor of the sanctuary was pretty much full.  My guess would be 400 or so in attendance.  We were a bit surprised that there weren’t more people, as I said, no one was in the balcony area at all.  There was no opening group (thankfully), and the concert lasted for nearly four hours.

First on stage was Danny Funderburk.  I’ve had to guess at a couple of these song titles, but the guess does at least make sense, and here is his set list:

  • The Offer Still Stands
  • He Set Me Free
  • Rise Up And Walk
  • Everybody Praise the Lord
  • You’re Still God
  • Statue Of Liberty

Danny may not have the range that he used to have, but his voice is still strong and pure.  Most of his solo stuff is pitched more in a lead or baritone range, so much so that Christy leaned over and said “I thought he was a tenor singer??” at one point.  That was a bit of a shock to us, as I’d not really heard much from Danny since his Perfect Heart days, save a couple of Silent Power cuts and a Royals cut here and there.  However, Danny still has that ability to connect with his audience, and still can convey his message in song like few others.  He used a video presentation with “Statue of Liberty” that was very well done, and added a lot to the impact of the song.  Danny has had a lot of major health issues over the past 4 years or so, and it’s nothing short of a miracle that he is still standing on stage and performing at a high level.  It was good to see and hear him again.

Next came the Mark Trammell Quartet, whom I was looking very much forward to seeing.  I’d not seen Mark since his Gold City days.  Here is their set list:

  • Gentle Shepherd
  • Hallelujah I’m Going Home
  • How Big Is God
  • Leave Your Sorrows And Come Along
  • Loving The Lamb
  • I’ll Have A New Life/Everybody Will Be Happy Over There

MTQ hit the stage with Dustin Sweatman at the piano and Mark playing bass.  “Gentle Shepherd” was incredibly smooth.  Pat Barker has really made a name for himself with “How Big Is God”, and could soon be likened to Ernie Haase and “Oh What A Savior” in that he has taken an “oldie” and turned it into a signature song all of his own.  He really does an outstanding job on it, and has a tremendously expressive bass solo voice.  After that song, Dustin got up from the piano for the next two.  “Loving The Lamb” is absolutely huge.  Great lyrics, great arrangement, great performance.  Barker’s bass foundation really completes the song, and Mark absolutely sings the fire out of it.  Easily one of the highlights of the night, but so was the next song.  Mark said “I’ve got 3 minutes left and I don’t know what to do with myself…”, and at this point Legacy 5 had made their way to the stage and were sitting down in some chairs off to the side.  Mark said he’d had a request for an old Cathedrals tune, left the mic for a minute and spoke with Dustin and Pat, then Dustin started into the Cathedrals’ classic medley of “I’ll Have A New Life/Everybody Will Be Happy Over There.”  The crowd ate it up, so they encored it and Legacy 5 joined in on the encore.  It was a great moment.

Obviously Legacy 5 hit the stage next.  After some humorous banter between Mark and Scott, L5 got their set going.  Here is the set list for them:

  • Strike Up The Band
  • I’ve Been Changed
  • Wonderful Grace Of Jesus (piano solo)
  • I Stand Redeemed
  • Life Will Be Sweeter Someday
  • Great Is Thy Faithfulness

“Strike Up The Band” is a great, high-energy song for Legacy 5 to hit the stage running, so to speak.  Glenn Dustin’s performance of “I’ve Been Changed” is fantastic, and Tim Parton is a true piano guru.  Gus does well with the reinvented version of “I Stand Redeemed”, and it’s a great feature for his full-voiced tenor style.  He has really fit in well with Legacy 5, and has taken them to another level.  “Life Will Be Sweeter” is another Cathedrals tune that popped up before the actual “tribute” started, and they do well with it.  “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” is a typical Goss epic ballad, and was another one of the night’s highlights.  I came away incredibly impressed by Legacy 5, their sound with Gaches has really gelled.

Sitting in the headliner slot was Greater Vision.  I was very excited to get to hear them so soon into Allman’s return tenure with the group.  Their set list included only one “recent” GV song, the rest have been around for quite a while:

  • I Could Never Praise Him Enough
  • He’d Still Been God
  • Tell Me The Story Of Jesus/I Love To Tell The Story
  • You Better Hurry Up
  • Hallelujah Square
  • My Name Is Lazarus
  • It Pays To Pray

I hadn’t heard Greater Vision in concert since the mid-late 90s at the beginning of the Waldroup era.  Chris Allman has either been stuck in a time warp, or had his voice cryogenically preserved.  He sounded amazing, like he just stepped out of 1994.  My earlier comments about Pat Barker and “How Big Is God” could easily be repeated here for Allman and “Hallelujah Square.”  One advantage to a previous member returning to a group is that it does not take long for the sound to gel, and that is the case here.  They’ve just kept going without missing a beat, and are vocally top notch.  I also really liked the pacing of their set, it was pretty much high energy from the get-go.

After an intermission, Gerald, Scott, Mark, Danny, and Glenn performed their tribute to the Cathedrals and shared some stories along with the singing.  Here is the set list:

  • Plan Of Salvation
  • Master Builder
  • There’s Something About That Name
  • I Will Serve Thee
  • Somebody Touched Me
  • Movin’ Up To Gloryland
  • Heavenly Parade
  • Boundless Love
  • Wonderful Grace Of Jesus
  • Daystar
  • Champion Of Love

“Plan Of Salvation” was pretty predictable to start out this portion of the concert, but the predictability in no way compromises the effectiveness.  Gerald played for Danny, Scott, Mark, and Glenn, and those four have a really nice blend.  Glenn Dustin deserves some praise here.  His performance was very reminiscent of George Younce, without being an obvious imitation of George.  His approach to the song was similar to George’s, without mimicking Younce’s vocal stylings.  In George’s absence, no one could do a finer job on the song than Glenn Dustin.  “Master Builder” was as great and exciting as ever, and the next two songs “Something About That Name” and “I Will Serve Thee” featured some really smooth harmonies.  Danny gave a great performance on “Somebody Touched Me.”  I mentioned that he’d lost some range over the years, but listening to this song took you back 20 years or so.  “Movin'” provided some nice comedic fodder.  First, Pat Barker had written out the words for Glenn Dustin, and had purposefully mixed the lyrics up.  At one point, Gerald took over singing bass for Glenn with Tim Parton moving to the piano, and in “retaliation”, Glenn started pulling the slack out of Gerald’s mic cord, with the unexpected result of nearly changing Gerald from a bass to a soprano!  Gerald quipped as he avoided the cord, “You about made me jump 2 octaves!”  After the laughter subsided from ALL parties, Gerald stayed on bass vocals for an acappella rendition of “Heavenly Parade.”

Dianne Wilkinson was in attendance that night, and so the guys paid tribute to her by singing her monster hit, “Boundless Love”, and again, you’d have thought you were listening to the Travelin’ Live album.  “Wonderful Grace of Jesus” was delightfully disastrous, then Gerald, Mark, and Danny provided another concert highlight with an incredible performance of “Daystar.”  “Champion Of Love” concluded the night with everyone on stage for the finale.

This was one of the most enjoyable concerts that I’ve ever attended.  Gus Gaches told me afterwards that a lot of what went on during the Cathedrals tribute was spontaneous and unplanned, but that was what they all enjoyed about these concerts.  The artists are truly having as much fun with it as the audience is in listening.  If you get a chance to attend one of these, do not miss it!  You’ll laugh, cry, and have the time of your life!  Thanks guys for a wonderful evening!

An Evening To Remember Concert

My wife just ordered my Father’s Day present: tickets to the Evening To Remember concert in Olive Branch, MS on June 18.  This is one of the series that pays tribute to the Cathedrals with Legacy 5, Greater Vision, the Mark Trammell Quartet, and Danny Funderburk.  Any readers been to one of these concerts?  I’m assuming that the first half features the individual artists, and the second half is the Cathedrals tribute, would that be correct?  How long do these normally last?  I’ll be tweeting, taking pictures, and doing a full concert review, so be watching for it!

New Music A-Plenty

Several artists have new CDs due out soon, or are currently in the studio working on new projects.

Via Twitter, Legacy 5, the Booth Brothers, and Greater Vision have been in the studio this week working on Jubilee 2.  Also, the Inspirations have been laying vocals this week on their latest CD, and the Perrys are making their final song selections for a new CD as well.

Brandon over at CoomerCove got the scoop on the new Gold City Favorites project from Roy Webb.

The Dove Brothers have a new album due out soon, and have posted a full preview on their website.

Finally, the Booth Brothers’ new CD, Declaration, produced and arranged by Lari Goss, is due to release on next Tuesday, June 1.  I’m currently working on a mega-review of the project with several other bloggers.  Stay tuned, folks, this one is a real game-changer.

Gus Gaches New Tenor For Legacy Five

Legacy Five has just announced that Gus Gaches is their new tenor.  Gus had been singing tenor for Priority, and has one of the smoothest tenor voices you’ll hear.  Congratulations to Gus and Legacy Five.

Legacy Five Starts Blogging

Legacy Five has entered the blogging arena.  Artist blogs are always welcome, head on over to the site and check them out.  I’m looking forward to reading the posts there and hoping that they update it fairly regularly.  (Hat tip, Phil.)

Legacy Five Auditioning Tenor Thursday Night

In their latest e-letter, Legacy Five mentions that this Thursday night, October 22, they will be auditioning someone for their soon to be vacant tenor spot at their concert in Birmingham, AL.  The young man is unnamed, but the group states that Frank will be there and the prospective tenor will sing on the second half of the program.  Frank’s last day will be December 8, and they hope to have the new tenor in place for the New Year’s Eve concert in Morristown, TN at Gerald Wolfe’s home church.  If you live in the Birmingham area, be sure to check out the concert and let us know who it is that auditioned and how you think it went.

Legacy 5 Looking For A Tenor

Doug Harrison over at AVFL has confirmed with the Legacy 5 office that the group is looking for a tenor.  Frank Seamans will be staying until a replacement is found.  Please be in prayer for Legacy 5, Frank, and Frank Jr as well.

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