Monument Quartet Changes

I went to Monument’s website today and noticed that they have not only a new bass singer (I guess Mike Allen is finished filling in) but it appears they have a new lead singer as well. Looks like it’s out with John Tidwell and in with Daryl Williams. Either that or it’s someone who looks just like him! There are no names listed in the bio on their official site or their myspace page. I’m looking forward to hearing more about this one and the future of the Daryl Williams Trio. Any hear anything about this?

8 Responses to Monument Quartet Changes

  1. Adam Edwards says:

    Sure looks like Daryl…..

  2. Kyle says:

    If it ain’t Daryl, it’s a DEAD RINGER for him!!

  3. Aaron Swain says:

    The group’s website and Myspace don’t help; all it has is a general group bio, no mention of any of the singers’ names.

  4. Kyle says:

    It is Daryl. He’s singing lead for them, at least for the time being, anyway…

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  6. Mike says:

    Yeah thats Williams and Jerry Pilgrim on bass. I heard that Williams was filling in playing piano and when the lead spot came open he took it full time. Im glad to see Jerry Pilgrim with a group of this caliber. He is one of my top favorite bass singers. I cant wait to see this lineup. Im going to drive and see them when their tour starts.

  7. coomercove says:

    Is Jerry a former member of the Harbinger Quartet from somewhere out in the mid-west? I have one of their CDs that was produced by Zane King and it is absolutely phenomenal.

  8. Quaid says:

    Wasn’t Jerry also with Safley Anchored?

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