NQC Final Round Ballot

Here are my votes for the final round, with necessary changes listed.  I had a hard time choosing a soprano last round, so I switched votes on that category so that I have voted for each of my choices once.  I know the results don’t work that way, but it eases my troubled mind.  I honestly couldn’t just choose one or the other, I think both are deserving. 🙂

  • Bass – Tim Riley
  • Baritone – Mark Trammell
  • Lead – Joseph Habedank (Bill Shivers not in the list)
  • Tenor – Brian Free (Gus Gaches not in the list)
  • Soprano – Brooklyn Collingsworth Blair
  • Alto – Libbi Stuffle (Courtney C. Metz not in the list)
  • Soloist – TaRanda Greene (Steve Ladd not in the list)
  • Male Group – Booth Brothers (Gold City not in the list)
  • Mixed Group – Collingsworth Family
  • Musician – Jeff Stice
  • Album – Let It Be Known, Booth Brothers
  • Song – “Blue Skies Coming”, Perrys (“On The Banks… not in the list)

There you have it!  Mileage may vary….

NQC Awards Ballot: First Round

Since several others have posted their ballots in the first round of the NQC awards voting, I will do the same.

  • Bass: Tim Riley
  • Baritone: Mark Trammell
  • Lead: Bill Shivers
  • Tenor: Gus Gaches
  • Soprano: Karen Peck Gooch
  • Alto: Courtney Collingsworth Metz
  • Soloist: Steve Ladd
  • Male Group: Gold City
  • Mixed Group: Collingsworth Family
  • Musician: Jeff Stice
  • Album: Let It Be Known – Booth Brothers
  • Song: “On The Banks Of The Promised Land” – Karen Peck and New River

Gold City Reunion at NQC

Brian Free just posted on the BFA Facebook page that he, Ivan Parker, Mike Lefevre, Tim Riley, and Garry Jones will be doing two songs as a Gold City reunion at noon on the Saturday of NQC.  GREAT news!  Here’s to hope that a full fledged reunion (and DVD/CD recording) will be in the works!

Roy Webb And Josh Cobb Join Gold City, Tim Riley Staying On Full Time

The Singing News has just issued a press release from Gold City.  Josh Cobb (yes, THAT Josh Cobb!) has been named the new tenor for Gold City, and Roy Webb is joining the group as well.  Roy will still be performing his solo dates, but on weekends when he is not booked as a soloist, he will be traveling with Gold City.  Also included in the press release is the news that Tim Riley has committed to a full time return to the stage for the group.

Roy Webb is a terrific piano player, and his stage demeanor will instantly be an asset to Gold City’s overall stage presentation.  I’ll be looking forward to his wit and humor being incorporated into Gold City’s programs.

Josh Cobb is quite an interesting addition to the group as tenor vocalist.  Cobb, you will remember, was the original tenor for Legacy Five, but departed from the group at NQC literally right after winning the Horizon Individual award at the Singing News Fan Awards.  There have been some rumblings on various blogs over the years as to his whereabouts, but it seems that his journey has brought him back to Southern Gospel music.  Vocally Josh showed a lot of potential in his brief stint with Legacy Five and some incredible raw talent.  One of the more recent finds regarding Josh is the YouTube video below of him singing with a church ensemble.  He appears to have refined his talent over the last 10 years or so, and smoothed off some of the rough edges that he had during his Legacy Five tenure.  I’ll be anxiously awaiting the first glimpses of him with Gold City.  He definitely has the talent.

Tim’s return is not unexpected, and with the major transition that the group is in, I think will prove to be a very stabilizing force for however long he decides to stay on the road.  I think Tim’s leadership and stability will go a long way in “righting the ship” and seeing the group achieve the stability that they haven’t had since Jay and Tim left several years ago.

All in all, I’d say that this is the start of what is hopefully an exciting new era for Gold City, and definitely seems to be a fresh start with a renewed sense of purpose for the group.  Best wishes to Roy, Josh, Tim, and the rest of Gold City.  I am anxious to see what is next!

Gold City Thoughts

After seeing the videos for “In Time, On Time, Every Time” and “I’m Rich” that have already hit YouTube from NQC, and reading this very thought-provoking post from Brandon, here are my thoughts.  Tim Riley being back, even in a fill-in fashion, has brought excitement and that “Gold City sound” back to the group.  Roy Webb looks very good sitting in with the guys at NQC.  So, if Tim’s health permits, I would love to see Gold City bring him back, cut way back on their touring schedule, and offer the pianist job to Roy Webb.  If GC cut their appearances way back, that would still give Roy some time to work solo dates as well as GC dates.  The NQC clips are the best YouTube clips of Gold City in quite a while, and Chris Cooper is really impressing me with his solid tones and range.  I was thinking the other day that this year’s breakout NQC group could easily be Gold City, and currently they’ve created more buzz by far during the first two days of NQC than anyone else.

YouTube Clip #26 – Gold City 1992

I came across this great clip today of Gold City from 1992.  This is the fine line up that recorded “Pillars of Faith and Acapella Gold.”  From left to right you have Brian Free on tenor, Ivan Parker on lead, Steve Lacey on baritone, and Tim Riley on bass.  Band members are Garry Jones on the keys, Mark Fain on bass guitar, and Doug Riley on the drums.

The first song, featuring Steve Lacey, is off the Pillars of Faith project.  The following song was recorded on a live project before Ivan Parker and way before Steve Lacey were in the group so it was neat to hear this combination of guys singing it.

Tim Riley Appearing With Gold City

Via Southern Gospel Forums, next month’s Mull’s Singing Convention in Knoxville, TN will feature Gold City with Tim Riley making a special appearance.  When Tim retired, it was said that he may make a few trips now and again, but other than appearing at the GC Homecoming, I’m not sure if he’s done so otherwise.  Anyone in easy driving distance, this would be something quite special to attend.  More information is available on the forum post here.

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