Harold Gilley Passes Away

It has been posted on Facebook by a former fellow quartet member, and confirmed by a close friend, that Harold Gilley passed away last night.  Gilley spent several years with the Palmetto State Quartet in the 90s and was an instant hit in the SG world.  It is somewhat unfortunate that he is probably best known for his ability to imitate other SG bass singers, like Younce and Sumner, so close that you couldn’t tell the difference.  His impersonation of Younce was especially good.  I say somewhat unfortunate because Gilley was a terrific bass singer in his own right.  His tenure with PSQ produced some fine recordings.  Here is a YouTube clip of Gilley singing him trademark song, “Rainbow Avenue”:

Prayers and condolences to Gilley’s family on their loss.

So What Did I Miss?

A lot, apparently.  I go on a cruise for a few days, then take a few to catch up on everything else and look what happens.

  • Stephen Hill passed away.  Hill had been a mainstay of the Gaither crew for quite a while now, and will be sorely missed.  Condolences to his family and friends.  Hill now knows in full the joys of the Savior and Heaven he sang so faithfully about.  His memorial service was yesterday.
  • Dustin Doyle was announced as the new lead singer for Beyond The Ashes.  Dustin’s brother Darren sang with Perfect Heart briefly before they disbanded, and he is actually a friend of my Sunday School teacher.  I’m glad to see him getting a shot with a full time group the caliber of Beyond The Ashes.
  • Dianne Wilkinson is releasing an autobiography (of sorts) called Dianne Wilkinson: The Life And Times Of A Gospel Songwriter.  Fellow blogger Daniel Mount worked on the book with Wilkinson, and the book came out of a series of interviews that Mount did with Wilkinson.  It will be available in hard copy through Amazon, and digitally for the Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Apple iPad and iPhone, and the Kobo e-reader, among other formats.
  • Palmetto State signed with Song Garden and are working on a new project due out this fall.

Anything else???

Mansion Signs The Palmetto State Quartet

According to this story by the Singing News, Mansion Entertainment has signed PSQ to their record label, joining Triumphant and Three Bridges.  Palmetto State has a solid lineup right now, and even made an appearance on Oprah about a year ago, backing up country artist Wynonna.

Oprah/PSQ Reminder

Just a quick reminder that today is the day that Palmetto State will be backing up Wynonna on Oprah’s show.  If you can stomach watching Oprah, tune in and let us all know what you think.  🙂  I’ll be enroute home from work, so I’ll miss out on the broadcast.

Random SG News And Notes

A couple of interesting things have come out recently…

  • According to a press release from the Judy Nelon Agency, Aaron Minick and the Palmetto State Quartet will be traveling with Wynonna’s Christmas tour this year, including an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show on November 24.
  • Aaron McCune has reportedly resurfaced with Ron Blackwood’s Blackwood Quartet.  That would make the lineup John Rulapaugh, Josh Garner, Blackwood, and McCune, which has the makings of a pretty solid vocal group.
  • Parker Jonathan, one of the most frequently asked about former SG personalities, has started a trio with his wife and an unnamed third member.  Parker is supposedly working on a website for the group, known as The Jonathans.
  • Ernie Haase and Signature Sound are moving out from under the Gaither umbrella, so to speak.  It will be interesting to see how their momentum continues.

Paul Lancaster Joins Palmetto State Quartet

My crackpot reporter (or is that just cracked reporter??) Nate came across the Palmetto State’s MySpace page, and discovered that Paul Lancaster is now singing lead for the group, apparently replacing Kerry Beatty.  Jeremy Calloway left at the end of last year and was replaced by Robert Fulton in January.  The current lineup is Larry Strickland – Bass, Brian Beatty – Baritone, Paul Lancaster – Lead, Robert Fulton – Tenor, Casey Martin – Keyboards/Saxophone, and Michael Carman – Product Manager.  The page still shows as being under construction, but they do have their concert dates listed.  Check them out when they are in your area and let us know how Lancaster et al are doing.

Memories From MorningStar Released

Cross and Crown Music has released their archival series of recordings, called Memories From MorningStar.  While the site isn’t as clean or user friendly as Crossroads’ archival releases, it is still a big step in the right direction to see these classic releases from Palmetto State, the Perrys, Crabb Family, Bishops, etc. re-released.  I would make the suggestion of using the original artwork for the albums instead of the stock image, but that is just my opinion.  Here is the press release I received:

Memories From MorningStar released last week from Cross & Crown Music.  The retro library contains classic recordings from the Perrys, the Crabb Family, the Isaacs, the Booth Brothers, the Bishops, the Wilburns, Carroll Roberson, Palmetto State and the Dixie Melody Boys.  Cross & Crown has re-manufactured numerous popular Southern Gospel CDs and DVDs from these fan favorites and made them available for purchase.  In conjunction with the new imprint, Cross & Crown Music has launched www.memoriesfrommorningstar.com.  Fans can log on to the site and purchase the various releases, along with single song MP3s.  The MP3s can be downloaded to your computer, burned to a CD, or downloaded to your MP3 player instantly.

Cross & Crown Music Vice-President of Artist Relations, Brian Lawing commented, “The new re-releases from Memories From MorningStar are truly classic Southern Gospel favorites.  Garnie and myself are so happy to bring them back to the fans.  They contain some of Southern Gospel’s best songs such as ‘I Remember the Day’ (The Perrys) and ‘Please Forgive Me’ (The Crabb Family).  We introduced them during the 2009 National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY to a fantastic response.  Our plans are to add additional titles in the near future.”

Cross & Crown Music launched April 2009 just outside Nashville, Tennessee.  Cross & Crown Records, 4 Square, MorningStar and Cedar Hill record labels are encompassed within the music company.  The recording labels are currently home to Heirline, Lakeside, the Bradys, Diane Rudd and a plethora of other well known Southern Gospel artists.  The company recently released classic favorites from the MorningStar label and are pursuing additional musicians to add to their ever growing roster.  Cross & Crown Music offers custom projects for groups who desire the experience and excitement of recording in Nashville, Tennessee.

For more information on Cross & Crown Music and Memories From MorningStar, visit www.crossandcrownmusic.com or www.memoriesfrommorningstar.com.

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