Bowling Family Updates

The Singing News has a series of video interviews with the Bowling Family updating all of their conditions since the accident.  The story is here, and all 3 videos should be present.  Definitely worth the time to get an idea of the extent of their injuries and road to recovery.  Continue praying for them.

Update On The Bowlings

The latest reports from Twitter and Facebook on the Bowlings include the following information.  Kathy Hannah (Kelly’s mother) is reporting that Mike has a fractured skull, a brain hemorrhage, broken wrist, and several facial fractures.  Kelly has a crushed or broken vertebrae in her back as well as a possible broken ankle, their 6 year old daughter Katelanne has a broken collarbone and had several deep facial lacerations,  and Terah has a broken arm.  As serious as these sound, reports are still that none of the injuries are life-threatening at this point.  Please continue to pray for everyone involved, as there will assuredly be a long road to recovery.  The Singing News has their updates here.

Latest Update (2:15 PM CDT): According to several Twitter and Facebook postings (including Libbi Stuffle and Greater Vision) that are quoting Jason Crabb, Mike and Kelly Bowling will be released from the hospital tomorrow.  However, they both will have a long period of recovery.  Kelly was able to avoid surgery, but will be in a body cast for 3 months.  Mike is continuing to improve but has a long road ahead of him.  Katelanne (their daughter) is feeling much better and was actually coloring.  Please continue to pray for them.  Everyone else involved will be OK as well.

Mike and Kelly Bowling Group Involved In Accident

Reports are flooding in via Twitter and Facebook that Mike and Kelly Bowling’s bus was involved in a major accident outside Charlotte, NC this afternoon.  Mike and possibly one of his daughters were airlifted to a hospital.  Mike is reportedly in very critical condition at this time.  Terah Penhollow has reportedly suffered a broken arm, and in all 10 people were injured.  Please pray for all involved, but especially for Mike.  A local news story can be found here.

UPDATE (6:00 PM CDT): Daniel Britt reports via FB that children Hope and Gracie Bowling appear to be OK, but are still at the hospital getting checked out.

SG News Updates

There are a couple of stories out there that are worth following/mentioning:

  • Terah Penhollow has joined Mike and Kelly Bowling, and they have thus changed the group name to The Bowling Family.  Chris Whitaker, who was with the Bowlings, has left the group to be home with an ill family member.  Best wishes to the Bowling Family, and let’s also remember Chris and his family in prayer in dealing with the illness.  Read the story here.
  • TaRanda Greene donated a kidney to her husband Tony.  You can find any updates here, but at last word, both were doing well and the surgery seems to have been a success.  This is a major answer to prayer.
  • The new CD, Reunited, by the Gaither Vocal Band, is now available for pre-order at
  • Legacy 5 is also now taking orders for their new CD, Just Stand.

New vocalist for The Greenes

On January 17th Mike and Kelly Bowling sent an email announcing they were auditioning “male singers, with a tenor range” for their group.  Today it was annouced on SGN that Jeff Snyder has joined The Greenes.

From the little I’ve heard of Jeff, I think he will make for a nice fit.  It is unfortunate Paul Lancaster wasn’t around longer.

Have You Heard – Canaan’s New Releases

Word/Canaan has a website up where you can preview the new Canaan releases coming out.  Check it out.  I listened to the new Mike Lefevre Quartet CD and was very impressed by it.  Strong material and arrangements, and good performances highlight the disc.  You can also listen to the new releases by Kim Hopper and Mike & Kelly Bowling.  Check it out!

Canaan Records News

As has been reported on numerous SG news sites and blogs, Mike and Kelly Bowling have signed with Canaan Records. There is some good commentary here and here. My personal take is that it appears that Canaan is being very deliberate about the artists they are signing. So far we have the Hoppers (established traditional/progressive mixed quartet), the Lefevre Quartet (up-and-coming progressive male quartet), and now Mike & Kelly Bowling (established names in an up and coming progressive mixed trio). With three artists signed to their roster (I don’t count Kim Hopper as a soloist), they have hit on three different segments of artists, that may have some overlap in primary market segments, but also will most likely have some different segments in their target audiences as well. Complain as we may about how slowly Canaan seems to be moving forward, it does appear that they are doing so with very well thought out and calculated moves. They definitely cannot be accused of just doing things all “willy-nilly”. (I’ve been waiting to find a spot to use that term for a while now!) So Canaan, keep up the intelligence of your decisions, the apparent analysis behind your moves has been impressive thus far!

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