The Top 5 SG Albums Of All Time – #5 (tie)

Weatherfords – In The Garden
“The song selection is tremendous as a few of those songs are still sung today. This record was recorded in the days when everybody recorded at the same time and if one person, musician or singer messed up, everybody had to start all over. Knowing that this album was completely recorded by the musicians and the singers in one take, on every song, adds to the greatness of this record. This type of quality was unheard of even back in 1959. It set the tone for a near perfect album, and the quality is unbelievable. This record set the standard for Gospel recordings that is still used today.”
— Deon Unthank,
Kingsmen – Chattanooga Live
“Chattanooga Live introduced Lil’ Ernie Phillips to gospel music. This recording had one of the most popular songs in all of gospel music, ‘The Old Ship of Zion.’ ‘Travelin Home’ and ‘When They Call My Name’ was pure Kingsmen.”
— Bryan Hutson, Kingsmen

About Wes Burke
I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

4 Responses to The Top 5 SG Albums Of All Time – #5 (tie)

  1. David Stuart says:

    Bryan, i would have to take Live…Naturally over Chattanooga Live, but , that’s just me!

  2. Steve Eaton says:

    David, you’re not the only one. My vote for best Kingsmen recording would also be Live…Naturally with Chattanooga Live in second.

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