New Music A-Plenty

Several artists have new CDs due out soon, or are currently in the studio working on new projects.

Via Twitter, Legacy 5, the Booth Brothers, and Greater Vision have been in the studio this week working on Jubilee 2.  Also, the Inspirations have been laying vocals this week on their latest CD, and the Perrys are making their final song selections for a new CD as well.

Brandon over at CoomerCove got the scoop on the new Gold City Favorites project from Roy Webb.

The Dove Brothers have a new album due out soon, and have posted a full preview on their website.

Finally, the Booth Brothers’ new CD, Declaration, produced and arranged by Lari Goss, is due to release on next Tuesday, June 1.  I’m currently working on a mega-review of the project with several other bloggers.  Stay tuned, folks, this one is a real game-changer.

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I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

3 Responses to New Music A-Plenty

  1. Nate Stainbrook says:

    Legacy Five is also releasing a new CD… Probably in a month or so… It’s cool that they are going to have two CD’s with Gus on them in his first 6 months… 🙂

    • burkesbrainwork says:

      Good catch, Nate. I had forgotten about the Legacy 5 project. It’s a “Favorites” type project too, correct?

      • Nate Stainbrook says:

        Yes here is the song list. They bring back some really good songs along with some hidden gems!

        I’d Like To Say It Again- Love this old Cat’s song…
        Give the World A Smile- OLD OLD OLD SONG!
        Boundless Love- L5 nails this one… I have heard them do it recently…
        We Shall See Jesus- Iconic!
        Search Me, O God- The classic hymn
        Reach Out To Jesus- A Elvis gospel hit from the 70’s
        Headin’ Home- Old Statesman song
        I Always Have A Song To Sing- Newest song on the project- The Mark Trammel Trio covered it on their last major release…
        Livin’ On the Sunny Side- Old Speers song
        I’ve Read the Back of the Book

        I am really looking forward to this one!

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