Update on Marty Funderburk

The latest information from Marty’s Facebook page is that he came through the surgery with flying colors, and has made a recovery that his doctors have termed “remarkable and way above average.”  Good things happen when God’s people unite in prayer!  He still has a lengthy recovery ahead of him, so please keep praying.


Prayer Needed For Marty Funderburk

As you are celebrating and reflecting this Thanksgiving Day, say a prayer for Marty Funderburk, one of our top songwriters in Southern Gospel music.  Marty is currently in the hospital awaiting quadruple bypass surgery.  I’ve actually had the tremendous honor and experience of co-writing with Marty, and he is a great guy and tremendous writer.  He has been a huge encouragement to me personally.  Many prayers and well wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery, Marty!

Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

From Nate, myself, and our families, here is wishing all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!  Take some time out from the turkey, parades, and celebrations to reflect on all the blessings God has given over the past year.  I know that I am especially thankful for a happy, healthy 9 month old baby girl!

From Burke’s Brainwork, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The Great Jay Berry

As I’ve continued to convert both mine and my dad’s SG LP collection to mp3, I stumbled across a Rebels album recently called The Angels Must Have Cried, on Skylite records.  Jay Berry is the lead singer for the Rebels on this album, and it reminded me of his prowess at the lead position.  Previously, about the only thing I’d heard from him was on the self titled Prophets album sometimes referred to as No Disappointments.

I did a classics review of that album as one of my earliest posts, and it’s a great album, due in large part to Berry’s lead voice.  His performance with the Prophets on “Worry Who I” is especially notable, and I compared his stylings to Mark Trammell.  Berry’s performances with the Rebels on this LP are no less solid.  Jay Berry had the range, power, and style to rank him among the genre’s best lead singers.  Maybe some of our resident historians can share some comments about Jay Berry and highlight some other notable performances for us…

Jackie Wilburn Passes Away

News broke this morning that Jackie Wilburn had passed away while vacationing in the Gatlinburg, TN area.  Several bloggers and the SN have already chimed in with some fitting tributes, I’ll add my thoughts next week.  Condolences to Elaine, Jonathan, and the rest of the Wilburn family.

Keith Casstevens Joins Dove Brothers

Daniel Mount and David Murray have the scoop that Keith Casstevens, formerly of the Anchormen and Chapter IV, has joined the Dove Brothers as their new tenor vocalist.  Daniel has a concert review up as well with some photos of Casstevens with the group.

Congratulations Munford High Marching Band!

If you will permit me, I’m taking a break from SG posting today to pay tribute to my high school alma mater’s marching band.  Last night the Munford High band competed in the United States Scholastic Band Association’s National Championship in Annapolis, MD.  After two previous trips in which the band placed 4th and 2nd, respectively, the Munford High School Marching Band from little Munford, TN, won the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!  While I was a choir nerd instead of a band nerd, both of my siblings are MHS band alumni, and we always have several of our youth at church who are MHS band members, this year being no exception.

Congratulations to the band, the directors (Barry Trobaugh, Gary Fite, and Peter Colin), and the parents that make such a great band possible.  GO COUGARS!!!  ARE YOU PROUD???

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