Prayer Needed For Marty Funderburk

As you are celebrating and reflecting this Thanksgiving Day, say a prayer for Marty Funderburk, one of our top songwriters in Southern Gospel music.  Marty is currently in the hospital awaiting quadruple bypass surgery.  I’ve actually had the tremendous honor and experience of co-writing with Marty, and he is a great guy and tremendous writer.  He has been a huge encouragement to me personally.  Many prayers and well wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery, Marty!

About Wes Burke
I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

2 Responses to Prayer Needed For Marty Funderburk

  1. Joye Atkinson says:

    Father we lift up Marty to your throne of grace. We ask you to give him your peace like he’s never felt before. We thank you for going before him and guiding the surgeon’s hands and giving him divine wisdom and knowledge. Thank you for all you’ve already done and we praise you that you are the great I AM. Praise your name Father in Jesus name…Amen

  2. Marty Funderburk says:

    Thank you Wes for posting this. And thank you Joye for the sweet prayer. At this very moment – one week ago – I was on an operating table. God answered that prayer Joye. I experienced unexplainable peace going into this and have seen God’s hand at every step along the way…even now as I recover at home. I just feel like the most blessed man alive! Bless you both!

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