YouTube Clip #38 – The Singing Greenes

Here is a classic clip of The Singing Greenes.  The first time I saw The Greenes, Amy Lambert was singing with them so it was a treat to find this clip with the 3 siblings together.  I would assume that is their father, Everette, playing the piano.  We will miss you Tony!  I know you and your father must have had a great reunion.

NQC ’10: Thursday Recap

There’s quite a bit more to talk about today.  So, continuing our bullet point format, here we go:

  • First, Sarah Palin.  Several artists tweeted that they were given the opportunity to meet her and have their pictures taken together before Palin made her keynote speech.  Her speech itself seems to have been well received, even if the only artists she mentioned were the Nelons and Amy Grant (?).  By most accounts, she came across as having a very genuine faith.
  • The Ball Brothers made their debut mainstage appearance to mainly positive reviews.  Good to see them get the exposure they deserve.  I really think these guys have quite a future ahead of them as pacesetters in SG.
  • The reviews have been mixed on the “cheesiness” of the song, but either way the Booth Brothers and Sisters collaboration called “Brothers and Sisters” was very much notable, and nothing but positive about the performance of the groups.
  • Several commentators have noticed that song selections on the whole last night just seemed to be disjointed.  Not that the songs were bad in and of themselves, but the sets just didn’t seem to flow very well.
  • Chris Allman continues to impress with his tenor vocals for Greater Vision.  To start their set, a YouTube clip was played of them singing “Too Near Home” from 1995, and at the conclusion of the clip, Stan Whitmire kicked in the piano intro and away they went with the full song.  Allman truly seems to have stepped out of a time machine vocally.
  • The Perrys sang a couple of new tunes from their Blue Skies CD, the title track and “His Love Lights the Way”.  Tracy Stuffle again joined them for two songs, and it’s good to hear that his health is holding up so well during such a stressful week.
  • The Greenes, and specifically TaRanda Greene, also had a quite impressive and notable set based on several accounts.  TaRanda continues to cement her place as an elite vocalist in SG.
  • Buzz of the Night Award:  The Collingsworth Family.  Again.  The Collingsworths have really seemed to be the buzz of the convention, and their set last night was apparently no less impressive, especially their acappella rendition of the classic hymn “Take Time To Be Holy.”  This group may just come out of the convention with the biggest jump in esteem and popularity, as people have been gushing over their performances this week.

YouTube Clip #29 – The Greenes I Am Redeemed

Here is a clip a friend of mine linked to on facebook.  According to the info by the submitter, it was taped September of this year at Brooklyn Tabernacle.  Taranda really shines on this one.  The video quality is poor but I feel the group’s vocals make up for it.

New vocalist for The Greenes

On January 17th Mike and Kelly Bowling sent an email announcing they were auditioning “male singers, with a tenor range” for their group.  Today it was annouced on SGN that Jeff Snyder has joined The Greenes.

From the little I’ve heard of Jeff, I think he will make for a nice fit.  It is unfortunate Paul Lancaster wasn’t around longer.

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