A Few Personnel Changes

Over the past few days or weeks there have been a few personnel changes that I haven’t commented on yet.

  • Keith Waggoner departed Liberty Quartet’s tenor position to become the Senior Pastor at his home church.  He will be replaced by Phillip Batton, who has filled in for Keith occasionally in the past.  Keith is probably the best tenor singer the average SG fan has never heard of, due to their remote location in Idaho.  He will be missed, but Liberty should transition very smoothly with a somewhat familiar voice at tenor.
  • Cody McVey has left the piano bench of The Kingsmen to attend college at Lee University.  The Kingsmen are currently accepting auditions by emailing kingsmenpianist@kingsmenquartet.com.
  • Shaye Smith has taken maternity leave from the Chuck Wagon Gang, and Penny Greene is filling in during the interim.  Greene sang with the CWG for several years previously.

Best wishes to all the departures and arrivals.  I’m sure there will be more in the coming days, as there always seems to be a marked increase in personnel changes as NQC approaches.

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