Marshall Hall’s Future

Daniel Mount has the scoop on Marshall Hall’s future plans. I, too, am intrigued that Hall is releasing a solo CD on Daywind, instead of a CCM/P&W label. I’m also a bit surprised that it is going to be on a non-Gaither label, I would have expected him to release a CD on GMG or Spring Hill/Spring House (whatever they’re calling themselves these days). At any rate, I’m sure this will satisfy the curiosity of a bunch of Gaither fans who have been wondering what Marsh was up to for the past few months.


Wes Hampton On The New GVB

When all the changes in the GVB happened, I sent Wes Hampton a few short questions regarding the changes.  Here are his replies.

WB: It was mentioned that Guy was going solo, but what is Marsh going to be doing?
WH: Marsh will be leading worship somewhere.  He has many options at the moment and is excited at the possibilities.

WB: With moving from 4 to 5 voices, how are the arrangements going to be changing?
WH: Any kind of new arrangements will most likely have five parts so it will be interesting to see what’s ahead!

WB: Will all 5 members sing all the songs, or will we see quartets of varying combinations of the 5?
WH: Depending upon what song we are singing will determine who sings on it.  Right now everyone is singing on about every song.

WB: Are there plans for a new CD with the new configuration any time soon?
WH: We do have plans to record a new album in the near future.  We are very excited about what God is doing with the group!

Thanks Wes, for taking time from your definitely hectic schedule right now and answering some questions about the GVB going forward.

YouTube Clip# 14

Here is a clip in tribute to Guy Penrod and Marshall Hall together on the “Give It Away” DVD by the Gaither Vocal Band.  We’ll miss you guys!

Major Gaither Vocal Band Shakeup

The GVB has experienced a major upheaval.  Effective immediately, the Gaither Vocal Band consists of David Phelps, Wes Hampton, Michael English, Mark Lowry, and Bill Gaither.  Lowry will finish his solo dates currently booked in 2009 before joining the GVB full time.  Speculation has run rampant about the future of Guy Penrod and the GVB for some time, but Marshall Hall’s departure is unexpected.  Stay tuned folks, this is going to get real interesting.  Check out Gospel Music Update’s information here.

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