The 1990 Cathedrals – An Alternate Universe

What if the Dove Awards never happened?  First, I think we would have been treated to an incredible album from the Catherals with the following song as the cornerstone:

This could have easily been a chart topper for this lineup of the Cathedrals, and the group’s dominance would have surely continued.  I’ll guess that these two songs could have been included on the album as well…

Honestly, this may be the best performance of the Cathedrals singing “Life Will Be Sweeter” I’ve ever heard.  The blend on this is so incredibly smooth.  I think Young and Trammell especially had a good fit with their voices.  Young’s performance of “At The Cross” is simply stunning, and would likely have become a concert favorite for the group.  Several people have posited recently that had Kurt Young followed Roy Tremble or Kirk Talley, he’d have likely been much more successful as tenor for the Cathedrals, and I tend to agree.  Danny Funderburk was a radical change from the previous tenors the group had, and Young was more like Kirk and Roy than he was Danny.  The problem is that Danny also was (and to a lot of folks, still is) the most popular tenor the group ever had.

In some ways, it seems a bit pointless to play the “what if” game, but to me it can be entertaining from time to time.  The other aspect to this whole alternate universe is the number of groups that could potentially have been affected.  Young’s departure and Haase’s arrival affected groups down the road like Gold City, Greater Vision, Legacy Five, Signature Sound, Mercy’s Mark, and the Mark Trammell Quartet.  Who knows how different these groups would be had history run a little differently, or if they would even exist at all.

I still think I’d like to have heard a Cathedrals album with Kurt Young.  I think it would have been great.


Kurt Young Is Vindicated

Every so often, there is discussion about Kurt Young, the Cathedrals, and the infamous Dove Awards performance that makes its rounds around blog sites and message boards.  Well, Kurt Young, you have been vindicated.  I was watching the Republican National Convention last night, and during a duet with John Rich on the National Anthem (with Cowboy Troy reciting lines of the Pledge of Allegiance interspersed through the song), Gretchen Wilson’s voice cracked very noticably on the dramatic “land of the free”.  I had been afraid for her the entire song, as she sounded like she was literally having to scream the high notes out.  I’m not a Gretchen Wilson fan at all, but she handled it well, kept going, and finished the song without even a flinch, as did John Rich and Cowboy Troy.  A great example of professionalism in the face of adversity, just as Young displayed in the Doves performance.

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