NQC ’10: Wednesday Recap

There still wasn’t too much chatter, though several blogs have decent roundups available.

  • Several artists attended the GVB/EHSS showcase (Daniel Riley, Libbi Stuffle, et al) and all said the showcase was spectacular.  Other bloggers and attendees weren’t quite as impressed.
  • I discovered that enLighten is broadcasting from the NQC live in the evenings, interspersing mainstage performances with interviews.  I heard the Inspirations set, and as others mentioned, the acappella song they sang was particularly good.  They have a much different vocal sound with Campbell, Ragan, and Hosterman.  Solid all the way around.
  • Liberty Quartet had a full set tonight instead of the one song appearance that they made a couple years ago.  Keith Waggoner’s feature song was noted as particularly good.
  • Jeff and Sheri had a notable set as well.  In addition to Morgan, Madison Easter joined in on some harmony vocals as well tonight, which one twitter comment said was a throwback to their sound with Rabbit.
  • Another show of solidarity tonight between Scott Fowler and Josh Cobb.  I’m glad to see this, as it really makes both guys look good.  Cobb and Fowler shared an embrace at center stage after their groups had been part of a larger singalong of “Boundless Love”, where more than one person praised Cobb’s vocals.
  • Buzz of the Night Award:  Speaking of Gold City, they debuted two songs off their soon to be released mainline CD.  One was an unnnamed cover of an old Dixie Hummingbird tune, “It Won’t Be Long”, and the other was Josh Cobb singing “I Stand Redeemed.”  Both went over extremely well, with “Redeemed” drawing the crowd to its feet.

YouTube Clip #36 – GVB with Gene McDonald

It seems when there is an upcoming personnel change in the Gaither Vocal Band, numerous people suggest that Bill should hire a “real bass singer” to fill his spot.  For those that want to hear what that might sound like, here is your chance.

The Top 10 Songs Of 2009

I did this last year as well, but since I’ll be out of pocket next week visiting family in Florida, I thought I’d go ahead and do this now.  This is a list of the top 10 songs that I have personally heard/reviewed (some with reviews upcoming) that were released in 2009.  This is NOT a reflection of chart action, but these are the 10 songs that really blew me away when I heard them.  I have probably 10-15 more that could be listed here, but at some point I just have to come up with 10 and go with it.  So without further adieu, here are the top 10 songs of the year:

  1. “Almost Morning” – The Perrys
  2. “Die Another Day” – Brian Free & Assurance
  3. “Fear Not Tomorrow” – The Collingsworth Family
  4. “There Is No Other Name” – The Crist Family
  5. “You Must Have Met Him” – Brian Free & Assurance
  6. “Everyday” – Triumphant Quartet
  7. “If You Knew Him” – The Perrys
  8. “It’s About The Cross” – The Ball Brothers
  9. “God Saw A Cross” – The Kingsmen
  10. “Worthy The Lamb” – Gaither Vocal Band

Release Date For Next GVB CD Set

According to newreleasetuesday.com, the Gaither Vocal Band’s long awaited CD of new material, Better Day, is due to release on Jan. 26, 2010.  It was always known that Reunited was a “quickie” release to get some product out with the all star lineup of the GVB, but Better Day will give us the chance to hear new material that was chosen and arranged specifically for the quintet.  This should be a good one!

What’s It Going To Take For SG?

I’ve been reading up on Facebook and have seen numerous comments about people excited for today’s release of Michael Buble’s new CD, Crazy Love.  A month ago, it was the release of the Beatles’ canon in a CD box set and the release of their entry into the Rock Star series of video games.  People lining up outside of stores before they open, people hoping to pick up the new Buble CD this morning before they head to work.  Quite generally a lot of buzz and excitement.  Now I don’t expect SG artists to equal the Beatles or Buble, but why don’t we see the same level of enthusiasm?  The closest thing I have seen to it recently was the buzz over the release of the Gaither Vocal Band’s Reunited.  I can remember a few years back heading to the local Christian bookstores as soon as I found out a new Gold City CD was releasing and constantly bugging them to see if they had it in, but a majority of the time, I was the only one.  So what will it take for Southern Gospel to develop the kind of passionate fanbase that slams iTunes for the next Brian Free & Assurance album, or has people waiting in line at Target or even Lifeway trying to get a copy of the new Booth Brothers CD.  We may not have 150 people waiting at Best Buy’s door at midnight the night of a big time release, but couldn’t there be 10 or 15 at Lifeway the morning of a big release?  What would it take for Family Christian Stores to sell out of the Statesmen’s box within a few hours?  How can we get more people more excited about our music?

SG News Updates

There are a couple of stories out there that are worth following/mentioning:

  • Terah Penhollow has joined Mike and Kelly Bowling, and they have thus changed the group name to The Bowling Family.  Chris Whitaker, who was with the Bowlings, has left the group to be home with an ill family member.  Best wishes to the Bowling Family, and let’s also remember Chris and his family in prayer in dealing with the illness.  Read the story here.
  • TaRanda Greene donated a kidney to her husband Tony.  You can find any updates here, but at last word, both were doing well and the surgery seems to have been a success.  This is a major answer to prayer.
  • The new CD, Reunited, by the Gaither Vocal Band, is now available for pre-order at Gaither.com.
  • Legacy 5 is also now taking orders for their new CD, Just Stand.

Set list from Gaither Vocal Band taping July 21, 2009

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine (special thanks CO) who was at the taping last night at The Majestic Theatre in San Antonio, TX.  He said it was 4 solid hours, no intermission of nothing but The Gaither Vocal Band with the exception of 2 songs from Jason Crabb and 3 by The Isaacs.  David Phelps also performed “Nessum Dorma.”

One of the 2 songs Jason did was “Daystar.”  Two of the 3 done by The Isaacs were “Mama’s Teaching Angels How To Sing” and the hymn “I Will Praise Him.”

Here is a list from memory and in no order of the songs done by the Gaither Vocal Band:

Alpha and Omega

There’s Always A Place at the Table (featuring Wes, Michael, and David)

I am Loved

I Believe in a Hill Called Mt. Calvary

Loving God, Loving Each Other

Better day

Mary Did You Know

He Touched Me

Something About That Name

At the Cross

Hide Thou Me

Low Down the Chariot

Cant Stop Talking About Him (featuring Michael and Wes)

The Love of God

Lord Feed Your Children

Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go

Worthy the Lamb

Where Could I Go?

I’m Forgiven

Go Ask

God’s Church Triumphant

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