The Old Paths Return

News broke today that The Old Paths are returning to the road, albeit with a much reduced schedule. The press release reads they are appearing on “select dates.” Since Jeremy Peace is now singing with The Lefevre Quartet, and doing very well there I might add, the group needed another tenor. They found a good one in Steve Ladd. I am really excited to see Steve back in a quartet setting. I honestly don’t know I can name a person that has grown as much as a singer over the course of his career as Ladd. If you listen to his early Anchormen albums and then to his solo material, he almost seems like a completely different singer. The group will be releasing a project with Crossroads later this summer. I for one will be looking forward to hearing it! 

About Wes Burke
I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

One Response to The Old Paths Return

  1. Aaron Swain says:

    I’m interested to see how limited that schedule will remain. No way they don’t generate enough demand to have to make a decision on that.

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