Four Southern Gospel Blogs To Merge

Four of the leading blogs in Southern Gospel music have announced their intentions to merge, effective one week from today.  David Bruce Murray, Kyle Boreing, Steve Eaton, Diana Brantley, and Phil Boles will be shutting down their individual blogs (well, Murray and Boreing their collaborative site, MusicScribe) and will join forces.  I look forward to seeing what these five come up with and the synergy that is sure to come from their collective efforts.  Here is the press release:

Multi-Blog Merger Announced
MusicScribe, Southern Gospel Views From The Back Row, Southern Gospel Concerts, and Phil on Southern Gospel will merge next Friday, March 15, 2013.

On March 15, readers will be asked to submit suggestions for a new name for the combined blog. Once an identity is established, a permanent site will be launched where readers can read and react to articles by several writers in one convenient location.

During the transition phase, Steve Eaton, Kyle Boreing, David Bruce Murray, Diana Brantley and Phil Boles will be posting their articles at Eaton’s current website,

Blogger Biographies
Steve Eaton started Southern Gospel Views From The Back Row in July 2010. Steve’s regular features like “Ten On Ten,” “Most Influential” and “Smack Down” have been a hit with his readers.

Phil Boles launched Phil on Southern Gospel in July 2009 at the age of 19. Based in Northern Ireland, Phil brings a valuable international perspective to the new blog.

Diana Brantley took over Southern Gospel Concerts ( in May 2009. She will continue to contribute her popular concert reviews and videos to the merged blog.

Kyle Boreing started blogging in February 2007 at Southern Gospel View. He moved to MusicScribe two years later.

David Bruce Murray was one of the first bloggers to cover Southern Gospel music when he started MusicScribe in September 2004.


About Wes Burke
I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

2 Responses to Four Southern Gospel Blogs To Merge

  1. Richard&JudyRyan says:

    Great. Now, let’s get something going on a Johnny Cook biography. Richard Ryan, Tulsa.

  2. I agree with Richard & Judy, but I also think he deserves to be inducted into the SGMA. I think that he has been looked over way to long. Also, for anyone interested, he has a facebook fan page that is run by one of his fans.

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