NQC Moving To Pigeon Forge In 2014

The National Quartet Convention announced yesterday, on the eve of this year’s NQC, that next year would be the event’s final year in Louisville.  Beginning in 2014, the week long convention will move to Pigeon Forge, TN.  It’s an interesting and challenging change in the dynamic of the event for a couple of reasons.  First, this is the first location for the convention that has not been in a major metropolitan area.  I know that Knoxville, TN is not THAT far away, but it still isn’t the same as the convention being held in downtown Memphis, Nashville, or Louisville.  Being in a metropolitan area has its definite advantages, with lodging, daytime attractions, and the potential for “casual attendees”, whether that potential is realized or not.  Secondly, I’m not sure where the convention will actually be held.  My guess is that it will be at the Grand Hotel and Convention Center in PF.  Granted, it has been more than 10 years since I was in school in Knoxville and attending concerts at that location, but it never struck me as large enough for an event like NQC.  They may have expanded the facility since I’ve been there, so the space concern may be a non-issue now.

Pigeon Forge does make sense for a couple of reasons.  East Tennessee is a hotbed of SG music, with the jokes about the Morristown Mafia several years ago with so many groups based in a fairly small city.  The proximity to Dollywood and the SGMA Hall of Fame are also a big interest to the NQC, I’m sure.  I do have to wonder how the NQC being in town will affect Dollywood’s unofficial Southern Gospel month in October, though.  There is no shortage of things to do when NQC isn’t in full swing, with Dollywood and the attractions in Gatlinburg a short drive away as well.

So it’s an interesting change, one that comes with some positives to be sure, but also some interesting challenges as well.  It will being interesting to see how the NQC changes with the move, and whether it is a success or not.  I’m hopeful for the best.  The text of the press release follows.


The National Quartet Convention has announced the dates for the 2013 NQC.  September 9 – 14 will be the dates for the 2013 NQC in Louisville, Kentucky.   The event will be very special, as it will be the last year for the event to be held in Louisville.  Many special and unique events are being planned for 2013, to celebrate the end of a wonderful era for the NQC in Louisville.  Thousands of attendees from across the United States and Canada, as well as several countries around the world, will gather one last time in Louisville to relive great memories from two decades of gatherings at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center.  Plans are already underway to make the 2013 NQC one of the biggest and best weeks of the event’s 55-year history.  Many first-time attendees are also expected, as it will be their last chance to experience the NQC in this historic location.

In September of 2014, the National Quartet Convention will begin a new and exciting era as Gospel Music’s Largest Annual Event moves to one of America’s most popular, family-friendly vacation destinations… Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Reserved seating can be purchased for the 2013 NQC during this week’s event, in the North Wing Lobby of the Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center, and will then be available at www.nqconline.com throughout the year.  Attendees are urged to reserve seating and lodging early for the final year in Louisville.

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I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

2 Responses to NQC Moving To Pigeon Forge In 2014

  1. tim sexton says:

    The nqc moving to a city that the last time I was there took me one hour and fifteen min. to get from one end to the other. I have been a pernament seat holder for arround 28 years and sadly 2013 will be my last year at nqc.Pigeon Forge is just to expensive to stay .Please think about what you’re doing .

  2. Lori says:

    How will this affect the other sgm events in Pigeon Forge throughout the year? Will fans show up in the same place multiple times per year for various sgm events or will nqc become just another multiple day event in the smokies? Bad move in my opinion.

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