Casey Rivers Leaves Beyond The Ashes

Beyond The Ashes has announced the departure of Casey Rivers from the group.  Rivers is heading home from the road to spend time with his family, especially with the soon arrival of his third child.  I hate to see Rivers go, as the group’s sound was so unique, and Rivers played a big part in that sound.  No announcement yet as to who the new lead singer will be, but the press release states the announcement is soon forthcoming.  Here is the press release text, with quotes from Casey Rivers and group owner/manager Anthony Facello:

Beyond The Ashes lead singer, Casey Rivers, has expressed his departure from the group.  While parting is sweet sorrow, this decision is based on his growing family and the kind of season change that comes along with it. Casey and his precious wife, Doni, will be welcoming baby number three in just a few short months.

Anthony Facello (ministry leader and tenor singer) shares, “Saying goodbye to Casey is truly like saying goodbye to a brother.  He is and will always be an intergral part of all God is doing in our midst. He will remain in our lives as our brother in Christ and friend, and that will ease the ache of this transition a bit, but still in all, it’s tough to let him go. We do completely support his heart, gifts, and all that God has for him in this season of change.  And, at the same time, we are seeing God move in incredible ways in bringing us a new singer and we are excited about what’s ahead. No one can replace Casey, but that’s the wonderful thing about God’s plans. While Casey is being faithful and blessed in his new ministry endeavors, God is opening a door for someone new to share in ministry with Beyond The Ashes.  I love how He works!”
Casey expressed his departure from Beyond The Ashes with this open letter; “For more than three years now I have been blessed to be one of those three singers that make up what many have come to know as Beyond The Ashes.  Saying goodbye to family, and all I’ve grown accustomed to, is not an easy thing, but nevertheless, a new season has come for BTA and for me.  I am 100% supportive of my brothers, and I know they are of me, as we all begin this new journey we’re embarking upon.  Also, to pacify any wondering minds,  I just want to clarify that I am leaving on an incredibly good note. After much prayer and discernment, I decided this was the best decision for me and my growing family.  Most of all, I’m confident that it is God’s will for us.  Thank you Anthony, Kellan, Dusty, Rob, fans, friends, and most importantly God for the awesome ride!  Love you all…”
An announcement about the new lead singer for Beyond The Ashes is coming soon!  They covet your prayers during this time of transition and hope to see you all on the road soon.
To learn more about Beyond the Ashes or to schedule them for your music event, visit  You can find them on Facebook at and on Twitter @beyondtheashes1. You can also see them on YouTube at and purchase their music on their website and on iTunes.
Best wishes to Casey Rivers and to Beyond The Ashes in their times of transition.

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I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

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