YouTube Clip #51: Sisters – “Until He Comes”

I realize that the last YouTube clip post we did also featured the Sisters, but this is just too good not to share.  Via DBM, here is a clip of Sisters singing what I consider to be one of Dottie Rambo’s greatest songs, “Until He Comes”, from the Awards presentation a couple of nights ago.  There’s not much I can say about this other than WOW.


UPDATE:  The video has apparently been removed.  Hopefully it will find its way back online at some point, but if you missed it, their performance of the Rambo classic with Josh Singletary at the piano was incredible!


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I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

20 Responses to YouTube Clip #51: Sisters – “Until He Comes”

  1. QwertyJuan says:

    It’s been removed by the user!! 😦

  2. quartet-man says:

    Yeah, I noticed that yesterday. David Bruce Murray had linked to it, I had already seen and linked to it, the Sisters linked to it, and then at first she (I think it was NelonsFan) made it private. Then, later it was removed. All I can think of is the Unthanks or maybe whoever owns the song rights made her remove it. I am guessing the former. I could be wrong, but I don’t know why else it would be removed.

  3. quartet-man says:

    Fortunately, even if it is removed, I should be able to watch it when I want anyhow. Well, at least currently at home.

  4. Chris Unthank says:

    We had nothing to do with the removal of the video.

  5. quartet-man says:

    Thanks for the clarification. Typically it seems that when one is removed, it was forced. Since I believe there are other Dottie Rambo tunes on there it seemed likely it was an issue similar to when Singing News asks that theirs are removed. I figured it wasn’t the Sisters since they linked to it and have other things up (like their Dove Awards performance).

    • quartet-man says:

      Chris, do you know that for sure (i.e. you talked with the rest of your family about it), or are you just presuming since you knew nothing about it?

    • quartet-man says:

      The poster of the video was contacted by Deon Unthank and told to remove it and not even allow anyone access to it as he wants to negotiate a deal on getting the awards shown on TV. Care to explain?

  6. Chris Unthank says:

    This was news to me as well. I don’t think there’s a need to explain, you basically said it yourself. Dad is shopping the awards award for television. He can’t do that if parts of it are floating around for free online…

    • quartet-man says:

      It’s best then in the future before denying something for the whole family, that you check with them first.. It is understandable to want to defend one’s family especially when you think you know the answer, but this is a good example of it being best not to make claims that you haven’t substantiated.

      • Chris Unthank says:


      • I don’t know, this makes sense to me… I mean if individual family members have the power to do things without consulting everyone else, then none of them can be sure what the others will do at a given time.

      • quartet-man says:

        Why the “wow” for? My point is (whether official spokesperson or not) denied something as being true when it really was true. Although you apparently didn’t mean to lie, it is still a falsehood. In other words you spoke before you knew the truth. Sure, you might have thought you knew the answer, but you can see how that worked out. Now, I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that you didn’t know, but really should you be stating (with such certainty especially) that something isn’t true when you had no way of knowing for sure that it wasn’t since you didn’t check. It would have been one thing to say you didn’t do it, or you knew nothing about it, but would check into it, but anything else whether intentional or not has the possibility to be untrue. I would presume you don’t want to put falsehoods out there. That is why I don’t speak of matters I am unsure of without at least saying I am unsure. If you notice, I did that with the very first statement. I could have just said that you all did it. Even after I got confirmation from the person who posted the clip,. I said she told me that and gave you a chance to explain. I didn’t say he did it (even when I had done more research than you).

  7. Chris Unthank says:

    It just seems like a great big ole pile of overreaction to me!

  8. quartet-man says:

    So expecting someone to be truthful is an overreaction?

    • Chris Unthank says:

      No I’m saying you’re overreacting to the fact that I was wrong. It was a mistake – no need to get all fussy about it. No one was treated unfairly and nothing unethical was done. I spoke too soon. My bad. You just seem to be making a much bigger deal out of the situation than need be, IMHO.

      • quartet-man says:

        My “fussiness” is to make you realize that you should investigate before you speak of which you do not know. Sure there are bigger things than this, but people will be less likely to believe future comments from you such as this since you were wrong here and hadn’t looked into it first.

    • Chris Unthank says:

      Also saying something like “expecting someone to be truthful” implies that I was lying and also uncalled for. I said it was news to me, but by you saying things like what I quoted or “I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt” realy implies you think I was being dishonest about it or am hiding something. Again, just a big pile of overreaction over something as silly as a YouTube clip…

      • quartet-man says:

        The point is you told an untruth. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that you were unaware of it. Nonetheless, you still said something untrue and should be more careful in the future. If the Youtube clip is so silly, then why did your dad make such an issue about having it removed?

      • quartet-man says:

        Okay, I am going to try another shot at this as I had to sign out in a hurry this morning. 1. You did say something untrue whether you meant to or not. So, although the intent was not there, what you said was false. 2. Yes the video pulling is less important than many things, but we should still strive for truth and honesty in all matters. Truth is important. Credibility is important. Reputation is important. By stating something that was untrue (even if you believed it is true) damages your credibility and reputation. People might question the accuracy of what you say next time since you spoke before you really knew. That is not a good place to be in for anyone, let alone Christians and let alone someone in the public eye. Imagine if the newspaper had posted a false story about something. (I know they do). Usually their credibility is damaged some, but it helps if they do a retraction. However, if they refused, or acted like the people wanting the real story were being unreasonable, anal, or “overreacting” as you said it, people might think twice. The same thing might be more true if it happened often. People would start to think they shouldn’t listen to it because they got it wrong a lot. They might start wondering what else is inaccurate that isn’t being caught or acknowledged. That is the life lesson I am trying to drive home to you.

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