2012: A Look Ahead To The Year In SG

First let me say that I hope you all had a very happy New Year’s celebration.  As we begin 2012, let’s take a look ahead at what is awaiting us in the SG world in this new year.

Several groups are making a fresh start in 2012.  The Kingsmen, The Lefevre Quartet, and Soul’d Out Quartet all experience personnel changes over the past couple weeks.  The Kingsmen have a new lead singer in Bob Sellers, and are currently without a tenor, so their sound will undoubtedly change a great deal this year.  The Lefevre Quartet added Harold Reed to the tenor slot, after just recently adding Jordan Lefevre to the lead slot of their group, so it will be interesting to watch and see how this affects the group this year.  It could become quite a catalyst for them.  Soul’d Out is also poised to make waves with the addition of Bryan Hutson as baritone vocalist.  Hutson brings a top notch voice to a quartet that had been quietly making strides, and as recently as yesterday made news as a new Crossroads artist.

Ernie Haase and Signature Sound are due to release a new CD next month called Here We Are Again.  There have been discussions surrounding the group over the past few months regarding their regression of sorts to a retro-music themed group, so this new studio album is garnering anticipation to see if the group becomes trendsetters again as they were with projects like Dream On.

Gold City finally released Somebody’s Coming late last year.  While reviews have been glowing thus far, a lot of eyes will be on the group to see if they finally can achieve some stability and build on what is most assuredly a good foundation with the latest recording.  I’m anxious to see what they come up with next, and am very anxious for a stable lineup and a studio album with songs selected for said lineup.  There is a world of potential still remaining for the group.

Last but not least, will this be the year that someone FINALLY covers the song “Lucas McGraw”???  🙂

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10 Responses to 2012: A Look Ahead To The Year In SG

  1. Steven says:

    Has anyone heard who is filling in with the Kingsmen at least for the time being?

    I’m really excited about the “new/old” Mark Trammell Quartet lineup. I know they will be re-releasing their latest table project. I believe they will make huge leaps this year

  2. Andrew says:

    Just to clarify: I believe that Bryan will be singing lead with Soul’d Out and that Matt Rankin will be moving to baritone.

    • Wes Burke says:

      The information at the time I believe stated that they will be switching parts and splitting the lead singing duties. So they will be going old school Imperials style with a tenor, two lead/baritones and a bass. 🙂

      • Andrew says:

        This was the information released by Soul’d Out at the time: “Coming the first of 2012, Matt Rankin will be assuming the baritone position and Bryan Hutson, a Kingsmen Quartet icon, will be taking the lead.”

      • Wes Burke says:

        OK, I was basing off of the information that Bryan sent out…”I will share lead vocalist duties with Matt Rankin.”

      • Andrew says:

        Ah – so we’re both right! And we’re both excited to hear their new sound!

      • It is my understanding that – as in many if not most SG male quartets today – where Matt has a solo, he’ll carry the melody through the chorus. Most baritones do. But I believe that Bryan will handle most of the lead responsibilities, and will be considered the lead singer when it comes to fan awards balloting, which is probably the only area where it actually matters!

      • Yeah, the Fan Awards is the only place it really matters, and even they don’t get it right sometimes. Rodney Griffin has been singing more lead parts than Gerald Wolfe for years, but he’s still considered the baritone.

      • quartet-man says:

        Bryan said the same thing about the move in the Kingsmen (that he would be splitting lead / baritone), but he was technically classified as the lead. As far as Greater Vision, Gerald was the original lead and still calls himself that, so although Rodney gets more leads these days, it is from the baritone position. Glen Payne was called the lead singer of the Cathedrals, but as we know in later years, he typically took the baritone duties when the tenor had the lead.

  3. Since when is being retro equal to “regressing?” Humph! 😉

    Actually though, I think it’s good that EHSS is getting back into the saddle with some new material. Now that they’ve made it clear that they respect the old, audiences are ready for what’s coming next.

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