Singing Americans CD Set: My CD For Christmas

Nate posted his list of Southern Gospel CDs that he got for Christmas yesterday.  I got one, well really two if you want to be precise, this year: the double CD set of the Singing Americans with Black and White and Live and Alive.  After years of listening to cassette copies that were of, shall we say, less than stellar quality, it is very nice to listen to remastered versions of these albums.  Listening in true CD quality really highlights the greatness of these two albums.  Of course, they held down the #3 (Live and Alive) and #4 (Black and White) spots in my industry survey of the Top 5 SG albums of all time about a year or so ago.  These are two of the most respected and influential albums in SG history, and are well worth the price of the CD set.  If you don’t have copies of these albums, or even if you do, you really should pick up this CD set.  You can order the set from Dwayne Burke at Burke Music Group here.

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22 Responses to Singing Americans CD Set: My CD For Christmas

  1. quartet-man says:

    I’m glad you were able to catch up. 😀 I did an order several months ago, but it still took me several months after hearing he had them at NQC last year to finally track them down. Then not a real long time later Springside got them in.

    • Wes Burke says:

      So it took a while with your order? Mine was placed on 12/22 and the CDs arrived 12/27. Really quick turnaround right at Christmas time, too!

  2. Kyle says:

    I just ordered it myself a couple days ago. Can’t wait!!

    • Kyle Boreing says:

      Wow. I ordered the CD on Wednesday evening (28th), it was confirmed shipped on Friday, and according to the tracking, I should have it on Tuesday. With holidays included, that’s a 4-business-day turnaround. NOT BAD!! Come on, post office, let me start 2012 with some classic music!!!

      • quartet-man says:

        Maybe a review of it should be your next post on Musicscribe. :p

      • Kyle says:

        That’s the plan….

      • Kyle says:

        Ok, last post on here, I promise!! It did arrive today. Sounds great and is packaged very well. Dwayne did an excellent job of repackaging and rereleasing these two titles. Expect a review soon….

      • quartet-man says:

        `”Ok, last post on here, I promise!!”

        Hey Kyle, did you notice the alleged stereo problem or the mix being off with the change of who had the melody? 😉

  3. Andrew says:

    Cool. I’m ordering! I received some great CDs as well – including an old classic (GCQ’s Double Take). Now, if I could only find another Cathedrals, Live in Atlanta!

  4. Nathan Rogers says:

    Glad to hear it sounds good. Always have been two of my favorites as well. I was wondering, at the risk of sounding like an idiot, where you pleased with the manufacturing? does the artwork look good? Are the cd’s pressed or are they cdr’s?

    • Wes Burke says:

      The CDs appear to be pressed, and the artwork is very nice. The original album covers are the front and back of the insert, with the production credits for each album on the inside. The CDs are printed with the album covers and song list as well. They really are nicely done both in sound and appearance.

      • quartet-man says:

        I agree they appear pressed (unlike the other Singing Americans offered) and it is very well done. He said they wanted to do them right. However, I think I read somewhere that the channels were reversed somewhere. I listened to them while working before I heard this, so I can’t say if it is true or not. I do have the originals on cassette and LP, but got the CD anyhow.

  5. I purchased this double CD from Charlie Burke at his table on Sat night of NQC 2010, so I’ve had it a while. I recall being pleased with the quality. I also have the original albums that I bought back when they originally came out.

    On a related note, several years ago I saw Dwayne Burke running the sound for one of the NQC afternoon showcases in the South Wing and stopped to talk to him after the show ended. While discussing the Singing Americans, he mentioned that he had a ‘limited supply’ of brand new sealed “Live & Alive” albums for sale. This was at least 20 years after it was released. Naturally, I bought one. I haven’t decided if I bought it as a potential financial investment or if it will remain as an investment in my music collection.

  6. Norm says:

    Andrew: Assume you know that Live in Atlanta is on a double disk cd along with Voices in Praise.
    Riversong put it out in 1988. Great CD.

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah – I had a chance to buy it for $17 and passed up. The only time I’ve seen it since (ebay), it sold for over $40! Still watching ebay and amazon but haven’t seen one pop up in quite some time.

  7. Daniel Wade says:

    I plan to purchase this one as well. I listened to the Black and White “cassette” so many times.

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  9. says:

    would like to order a cd but noticed that the page that I should enter my credit card # is not secure; how can I order?

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