Singing Americans CD Set: My CD For Christmas

Nate posted his list of Southern Gospel CDs that he got for Christmas yesterday.  I got one, well really two if you want to be precise, this year: the double CD set of the Singing Americans with Black and White and Live and Alive.  After years of listening to cassette copies that were of, shall we say, less than stellar quality, it is very nice to listen to remastered versions of these albums.  Listening in true CD quality really highlights the greatness of these two albums.  Of course, they held down the #3 (Live and Alive) and #4 (Black and White) spots in my industry survey of the Top 5 SG albums of all time about a year or so ago.  These are two of the most respected and influential albums in SG history, and are well worth the price of the CD set.  If you don’t have copies of these albums, or even if you do, you really should pick up this CD set.  You can order the set from Dwayne Burke at Burke Music Group here.

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