CDs for Christmas 2011

Time for my annual list of SG music that I got for Christmas.  To give a little background; 8 plus years ago I was single and without a local SG station so I would buy dozens of CDs throughout the year, forming a collection on about 1000 CDs in a 10 year period.  I had to start watching my money better once I got married and bought a house, and later having a child.  I still buy a few throughout the year but I get the majority of them on Christmas and my Birthday.  This year there aren’t many to report since my wife was generous enough to get me a tablet, but here is my list.

  • Booth Brothers – Let it Be Known
  • Gold City – Somebody’s Coming
  • The Isaacs – Why Can’t We
  • Kingdom Heirs – We Will Stand Our Ground
  • In the non-SG category I got The Best of Rascal Flatts Live

What did you get this year?

2 Responses to CDs for Christmas 2011

  1. Brian says:

    I got Greater Vision’s Christmas special combo: The Ones that Got Away, Gerald’s new piano CD, and the 20th Anniversary DVD.

  2. Ann Leeth says:

    I didn’t get any gospel music for Christmas, but I did get a wonderful blessing when I attended the Primitives Pigeon Forge Family sing, December 7-9. I have never been to a gospel concert that the Spirt blessed like he did at this sing, There were about 900 in attendance. It was great.

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