Dills Raising Funds For New CD

The Dills have been one of, if not the most, fan-connected groups in the SG industry.  They are continuing that connectedness in trying to raise funds for a new album.  They have a stated goal of $10,000 and would like to have it raised in the next month.

From the page dedicated to the effort on their website:

Recording new music and making it available to our friends, fans and supporters is a passion that we take very seriously… but often comes with a huge cost!  We’ve never had to borrow money to record a new CD!  This is a huge blessing since most independent artists have to take out a loan for thousands of dollars just to record a new project.  However, when you add up the cost associated with studio musicians, engineers, producers, duplication, graphic design and mechanical license fees the recording process can easily cost $20,000 or more.  Many times we are forced to wait about recording that new CD, simply because the money is not there.  As always, we have no intention on borrowing money to make this CD… so that’s where we need YOUR help!

In a similar fashion to what the Ball Brothers did recently, they have offered perks for fans who contribute.  The perks start at a free digital copy of the album (for $10 donations) and include things like an autographed CD, t-shirt, getting your name in the liner notes, all the way up to actually being listed as an executive producer (for donations > $1k).  They even have a near-real time update of the number of contributors and the amount they have been pledged in progress toward

I have a lot of respect for ministries that are financially responsible, and especially when they are attempting to take on a large amount of long-term debt.  My church built our sanctuary debt-free, and we are currently building a family life center in the same fashion.  God has blessed those efforts, and I have no doubts that He will bless the efforts of the Dills to record this album in a financially smart manner.  So if you feel led, click here and help them out!

About Wes Burke
I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

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