Miscellaneous SG Notes

Here are a few notes from around the SG world:

  • The Dove Brothers have just announced the departure of Jonathan Price.  Price is leaving the road to deal with personal issues.  More here.
  • DBM had the scoop that the iconic album by the Weatherfords, In The Garden, will soon be re-released on CD.  You can find more information on Lily Fern Weatherford’s website here.
  • Morgan Easter will be releasing a solo album, titled Not Without Love,  on 11/11/11.  Produced by her brother Madison (who was busy with this album, serving as writer, guitar player, arranger, and vocalist) and mother Sheri, it also features guest appearances by Wes Hampton and Joseph Habedank.  It is available for pre-order here, and you can find a preview of the album below.

About Wes Burke
I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

One Response to Miscellaneous SG Notes

  1. That was one of the shortest press releases in recent memory. You know it isn’t good when they can find hardly anything to say. Blessings on the Doves as they search for a new tenor. I’m disappointed since Jonathan seemed like a good fit.

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