Greater Vision Releases Digital Downloads

In their latest newsletter, Greater Vision has announced that they’ve made their out of print albums available for download in a new digital store.  You can access the store here.  Albums are $9.90-$11.99, single songs are $0.99, which is pretty typical for digital downloads.  It’s good to see these albums made available, and it’s a good way to complete your GV discography.  Here’s hoping that other groups follow suit.

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3 Responses to Greater Vision Releases Digital Downloads

  1. Not all of them though… I don’t see some of their first ones with Chris Allman.

  2. coomercove says:

    Right now, the only projects (besides the new Christmas project… wasn’t that on Daywind?) in the store are those released on Greater Vision Music, meaning it is only the projects that Gerald owns the rights to. It is interesting that “You Can Have A Song” is not available. I guess they are keeping to the limited release of the autographed CD version.

    The early projects with Chris were on the Riversong label so Gerald probably doesn’t have the legal right to make them available. Doesn’t Provident or New Haven own most of the rights to the old Riversong material? I know New Haven released compilations of Riversong material from Gold City, Greater Vision, and Jeff & Sheri Easter, but that was almost ten years ago.

  3. Gerald Wolfe says:

    “Everything Christmas” is distributed by Daywind, but it’s one of our Masters. We are planning on releasing “You Can Have A Song” in digital format, in January, as well as a few more titles.
    Sadly, we can’t release any of the old Riversong / Benson recordings, since we don’t own the Masters, and they can’t seem to find them…which is REALLY sad. I tried to buy back some of GV’s old Masters several years ago, and the new owners (there have been three or four since we were there) were convinced that we already owned several of the old Riversong Masters. Since I have a copy of our original contracts, I know we don’t own them, but since they can’t find the Masters anyway, it’s impossible to purchase or lease them.

    Side note: We do own the Master for “Where He Leads Me” (1994), which was distributed by Riversong / Benson. We will be releasing that title in digital format soon.

    We are really excited to finally be able to make some of these older recordings available! It’s something I’ve been working on for quite a while. To be honest, I enjoyed listening to them again during this process. It brought back some GREAT memories.

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