If You Can’t Laugh At Yourself: National Pop Convention

It has been said that if you can’t laugh at yourself, you shouldn’t laugh at anyone else.  With that being said, Madison Easter has started a “National Pop Convention” series of tweets that are poking fun at the goings on at NQC and SG artists using secular pop artists.  Several others, including yours truly, have caught on and have started posting our own thoughts.  Here’s a sampling of a few tweets that are pretty funny:

MaddyFatty Card found on floor shows two guys with cheesy smiles and reads: “Look us up, before you Go-Go! Booth #401!”-Wham #NationalPopConvention
MaddyFatty “…No, Phil Collins was first with Genesis, THEN Bee Gees, then Metallica, then Savage Garden, and now he’s solo.” #NationalPopConvention
WesDBurke  Where can you find Steven Tyler, Beyonce, Peter Cetera, and Rebecca Black together? Waffle House after the concerts. #NationalPopConvention
ChristianMBooth  Don’t forget to stop by Brett Michael’s booth #560 to pick up some afghans and some snake skin boots. Two for one! #NationalPopConvention
jeffgsnyder I just passed by Boogie Wilson and the Gang’s booth…good news…they’re going full time next week!! #NationalPopConvention
natesings  If you sign up for Rolling Stone at The Foo Fighters table, you get a copy of their latest cd! #NationalPopConvention
zacknudsen heard the boys from Maroon 5 are heading to Value City to pick out some matching get ups. #NationalPopConvention
If you want to try and see all of the tweets, you can check them out here.  Funny stuff!  I don’t think any popular stand up comedians are feeling threatened by any of us though…..

About Wes Burke
I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

4 Responses to If You Can’t Laugh At Yourself: National Pop Convention

  1. I also loved the ones about reviving the Beatles name, the Elton John/Billy Joel Pianobananaramafamalamarama, Beyonce ripping off the four-time modulation on “Looking For a City,” and your tweet about the Three Dog Night reunion. That one may be my favorite. 😀

  2. K Payne says:

    Steve Perry said he would be there to sing “Separate Ways” if Neal Schon or Johnathon Caine would tell him what time their stand started.

  3. Former First Lady Hillary Clinton will be making a special appearance. Also, don’t miss Al Gore’s two-hour global warming showcase.

  4. Shelby T Mitchell says:

    Don’t know if this would sound funny or not, but have every SG artist get together and sing either “Hands Across America” or “We Are the World!” Break out of tradition as the people at the NQC would be confused as they wouldn’t know what those songs are about. Oh the 80s!

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