New Entries In Live At Oak Tree Series

According to information on Twitter, both the Perrys and Brian Free and Assurance were at Oak Tree Studios today recording DVD/CD combos for Daywind’s Live at Oak Tree series.  No word on when they are expected to release yet, but keep watching.  These will be two entries you won’t want to miss!


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I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

3 Responses to New Entries In Live At Oak Tree Series

  1. That’s really cool! Do you know how much “messing” they do with the vocals on the Oak Tree projects? Because I would think that if it’s billed as “live,” then the idea would be that the vocals are just left as-is, otherwise it’s no different from a studio project.

  2. Vocals on live projects by (virtually) any major group are tuned after the fact.

  3. Something else I once saw DBM mention is that sometimes you’ll hear instruments in the mix that are nowhere to be found when watching the DVD. Does that mean instrumentation was really recorded separately before filming? I do sometimes hear slight differences between the instrumentation on an Oak Tree project and on the original studio project, so I’m thinking they are recorded again, just not on camera.

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