SG Android Apps

Well I was supposed to be filling in for Wes while he was on vacation but as you can tell I have failed miserably!
I did however get my first smart phone this week, a Samsung Droid Charge. It’s been a lot of fun downloading and trying out all these great programs.
Do any of you have any “must have” apps that you are using on your Android phone? Is there anything related to Southern Gospel out there?

3 Responses to SG Android Apps

  1. Evernote and Dropbox…2 that I can’t live without.

    YouVersion Bible is another good one.

    As far as southern Gospel, Pandora is good for streaming. I know some people prefer slacker or other radios. I just personally like Pandora. Amazonmp3 app for purchasing mp3s, if you like going that route.

    I believe WordPress has an app, I’ve never used it but that might be something you look into for blogging.

    Mighty Grocery…keeps the wife and I on the same page for shopping trips. You can sync your list to the cloud so you both have up to date shopping lists.

    Widgetsoid is a great free app for making widget shortcuts on your homescreens.

    That’s all for now, I’m sure I’ll come up with some others later.

  2. Matt Baker says:

    i have several radio station apps..the Solid Gospel one is fantastic…JOY FM (Winston Salem, NC) has an app also…the TuneIn Radio app is also a good one.

  3. Kyle Boreing says:

    I have Pandora, Napster, and Wolfgang’s Vault for music, as well as WinAmp for my mp3’s. I have WordPress for Android on my phone for quick updates, also.

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