Concert Review: The Dills

First of all let me apologize for my absence lately.  Between real life commitments and a house full of sick people, including an ambulance ride with my 3 month old daughter (she’s fine now!), my blogging time has been really hampered lately.  However, last Sunday morning my church hosted The Dills during our morning service.  This was a bit unusual for us, I can only remember us bringing someone in on Sunday morning one other time.


  • He Promised Me
  • Lord I Lift Your Name
  • Days Of Elijah
  • Holy of Holies
  • These Hands
  • God Is In Control
  • It Is Well
  • Oh I Want To See Him
  • Tired Of Running
  • Rise Again
  • Oh What A Beautiful City
  • Shout To The Lord
  • Uncommon
  • Jesus Never Fails
  • Jesus Loves Me

While our church is not used to Sunday morning concerts, it was plainly obvious that the group was right at home in a Sunday morning worship setting.  Tim Dill continues to grow and impress as an emcee.  He uses the right amount of self deprecating humor along with serious spiritual testimonies.  He also keeps the concert moving along, as they did about 15 songs in a little over an hour.  Tim has learned how to efficiently manage and maximize their time.  Since most of our Sunday morning crowd have not heard them, even though we’ve had them several times, they did a pretty standard set of material, only doing 3 songs or so from their new CD.  Those 3, however, seemed to go over really well with the audience.  Especially powerful is the title track, “God Is In Control”, which they sing along with the video that they placed on YouTube.  The song is very timely, their performance excellent, and the message poignant.  I’ve always liked their versions of the worship songs “Lord I Lift Your Name On High” and “Days Of Elijah” as well.  When the group sang their current single, “Rise Again”, they did something very special for me, as a proud daddy.  I had mentioned to Tim and LeeAnn when they were setting up the night before that “Rise Again” had become my 4 year old daughter’s favorite song.  When they were doing soundcheck, they let Erica come up and sing it with them.   When they came to this song during the service, Tim asked Erica if she’d like to come sing it with them, so she made a mad dash to the stage.  Needless to say, I was about to bust, and thanks guys for giving her an absolute thrill.

The next four songs of the set are four of the strongest songs that the group sings.  Marcy Kelcey’s classic “Oh, What A Beautiful City” is obviously a fan favorite of the group, as I don’t think I’ve ever seen them not sing it, and it never fails to elicit a great audience response.  Bridget took the lead on “Shout To The Lord” with Shawn providing the only accompaniment on piano.  I’ve always said that “Uncommon” and “Jesus Never Fails” back to back make the best lead in to an altar call I’ve seen, and I still maintain that position.  The group sang “Jesus Loves Me” while giving an invitation at the end of the service.

It’s clear that the Dills are very comfortable in both a true concert and worship service setting.  They are very good at reading the mood of the service/concert, and gearing their song selection to that mood.  Their performances are very solid, their song selection is good, and their attitude and spirits are warm and genuine.  If you have a chance to catch them, either in a concert or in a worship service, do yourself a favor and go.  You will come away entertained, refreshed, recharged, and incredibly blessed!


About Wes Burke
I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

5 Responses to Concert Review: The Dills

  1. Diana says:

    That is so sweet that Erica got to sing with them!!! Cute pictures! I agree with you about the combination of Uncommon and Jesus Never Fails – such a nice presentation of a very powerful message, especially with the multi-media presentation during Uncommon.

  2. Tim Dill says:

    Hey Wes…
    Thanks for the very complimentary review! We had a great time (as always) and I’m glad that we could make your day by letting Erica sing with us. You should be very proud of her… she is a sweet girl for sure!
    God Bless,

  3. Bonnie says:

    We live in the Chicago area so are hurting for Southern Gospel around here…we heard the Dills at Singing at Seas and LOVED them….they are everything you said about them…

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