SN Fan Awards Top 5 Nominees

The top 5 nominees for the Singing News Fan Awards have been announced.  You can find the complete list here.  There really aren’t any major surprises, most of the nominees are the ones you would expect.  It is a bit of a surprise to see Sisters in the list for Horizon Group.  As far as Song of the Year and Album of the Year go, I’d like to see “Celebrate Me Home” from the Perrys take Song, and Declaration by the Booth Brothers take Album.

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3 Responses to SN Fan Awards Top 5 Nominees

  1. Would you know – we actually agree on song and album. 🙂

    Sisters’ nomination is easy – they’re a Daywind group, and Daywind doesn’t have any new higher-profile groups eligible. (Red Roots is also Daywind-connected, but even less known.)

    • burkesbrainwork says:

      True, but it just seems a little strange seeing three accomplished singers like Kim, Heather, and Valerie nominated as a “new artist.” They’ve all been there done that many times. 😉

  2. yankeegospelgirl says:

    I still just think it’s odd that they’re mechanically going down the list of songs from the Booth Brothers’ _Room for More_ for their nomination. That album is what, three years old? But I suppose with all the covers on _Declaration_ and no radio hits (I think), that’s the only place they feel they can draw from…

    Which song would I like to win? “I Thirst” obviously is the best, but it’s not a new song, and I’d like it if the best new song among the nominees won. So far I would go with “Love Came Calling.” It makes sense for that one to win.

    _Declaration_ was perhaps a bit overrated but probably deserves to win, although I find Signature Sound’s Cathedrals tribute more listenable.

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