Update On The Status Of Enlighten

Sirius/XM has confirmed that enLighten is moving to an online only format.  It will be removed from both their over the air formats (car radios) and from the Dish Network service.  This is quite a blow to SG as a genre.  From Daniel Mount’s blog, and also in the comments on my previous post, here is the pertinent contact information for the company to voice your displeasure.  I highly recommend doing just that.  I will be emailing them as well.

  • Phone (Sirius): 1-888-539-7474
  • Phone (XM): 1-800-XM-RADIO or 1-877-291-5304
  • Email: customercare@siriusxm.com
  • Mail: Mr. Scott A. Greenstein; President, Programming; Sirius XM Radio; 1221 Avenue of the Americas, 36th Floor; New York, NY 10020
  • Mail: Mr. Mel Karmazin; CEO; Sirius XM Radio; 1221 Avenue of the Americas, 36th Floor; New York, NY 10020

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I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

7 Responses to Update On The Status Of Enlighten

  1. Thanks for spreading the word!

    Unlike physical stations, which just pay songwriters, online and satellite stations pay royalties to songwriters, labels, and artists. So if the biggest (well, come to think of it, the only?) source of satellite airplay for Southern Gospel goes away, that has a direct financial impact on the artists and across the industry.

    • burkesbrainwork says:

      I just had a conversation with an artist about that very thing. It would be a pretty significant hit. Not make it or break it, but still significant.

  2. Phyllis Jackson says:

    I am sooooooo disappointed. My car radio is the only radio I listen too and I am on my 2nd -term of a 3-year contract because I have Enlighten. I hope they plan to refund my money…I have also paid to listen to it on my computer if I want too…3-years of online! They’re making a big mistake because Enlighten is the only reason many, many, many people pay that much money. We can listen to all the other “stuff” without paying anything. I wonder what is the real reason they’re removing it? I wish SGM would start their own satellite station. I would be the first to support it….Are you listening SGM?? I will help you sell the contracts!
    I think they will be sorry for dropping Enlighten….Lets hope so!!

  3. Diane Hahn says:

    Naughty;, Naughty! How can we drive and travel along without “Enlighten”. It will be a huge loss on our part and the rest of the southern gospel crowd out there! Think AGAIN about this move. You may end up getting hurt badly, Sirius Radio!

  4. James Walden says:

    In my neck of the woods Enlighten was and is the only sounthern gospel radio station to listen to. I have been a loyal listener since the start of this great station. I feel that Sirus/ XM should not make their monthly, yearly, and or liftime members be penalized into paying extra to listen online. This station has not only brought myself closer to God but has also helped me share his great message with my family and friends. I have had several friends and family listen to this station and just in the past week have made memberships with Sirus/ XM for this station only. At the time of making the membership we advised the on call personal that Enlighten was the only station that we cared to listen to. They never told them that it would soon be cut.
    I also not only feel upset to see that my family has now lost what money they have spent for the radio system, but also for Sirus/ XM who will lose customers off of it.
    This is truly a sign of the endtimes where the word of god is being taken away. I just feel that I will have to end my subscription with this company who see’s that it is better to have music that is either filled with dirty langauge and other programs that should have no right being on the air. This company needs some serious prayer.
    No Enlighten = No Music

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