Is enLighten enDangered?

DBM broke the story last night that enLighten is rumored to be removed from the Sirius/XM over the air lineup on May 4.  The station would be available as an online-only station.  I hope that this isn’t the case, as I quite frequently listen to the station via Dish Network, especially while getting ready for church on Sunday mornings.  There is no official word from the folks at enLighten as of yet, only a “watch this space” type message promising further details later.  For what it is worth, there is a Facebook group that has been started to try and save the station’s broadcast status.

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I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

17 Responses to Is enLighten enDangered?

  1. Andrew says:

    Here’s the comment from Sirius:
    3.Where can I find “enLighten”?

    “enLighten” is moving to channel 805 on SiriusXM Internet Radio, where you can continue to hear great Southern Gospel music from artists like Gaither Vocal Band, Gold City and Inspirations.

    If SiriusXM Internet radio is not currently part of your subscription, you can continue to enjoy Christian music on “The Message” (Channel 63) featuring Christian hits, and on “Praise” (Channel 64) where you’ll find Gospel music along with a new weekly show called “The enLighten Hour.”

    You can also try SiriusXM Internet Radio FREE* for 30 days or add it to your current plan at any time for a small, additional monthly fee. Go to for complete information.

    • We will be canceling our subscription, also. Our XM radio is on Enlighten 95 percent of the time. We will buying more CDs and purchasing music through iTunes unless Enlighten is kept on.

  2. Lee Harris says:

    First: “gospel” and “praise” are not the same genre as Southern Gospel which is what Enlighten has.
    Secondly, internet does not cover the roads and highways which is why I have satellite radio in the first place.
    Third, we will be cancelling three subscriptions for our family.

    Southern Gospel radio is just not availale in the northeast area. I am very sorry that you have made this decision. Enlighten is a unique station among all others you have – how many hard rock, alternative, do you really need?

  3. Lee Harris says:

    PS, Brian, what is the FaceBook group called?

    • burkesbrainwork says:

      It is something like “Save enLighten on Sirius/XM”. If you search for “Save enLighten” you should find it, or you could just click the link in the blog post. 😉

  4. Norm Buchanan says:

    I have an ipod, I DON’T want it on my computer, I want it on my radio. I got SiriusXM only because of enLighten, if they drop it, I drop them from my two cars and go back to CD’s or my ipod and save money to boot!

  5. DarrellInIndiana says:

    Based on what I am reading I wonder if it will not still be on “satellite” as a premium channel meaning that you will have to add SiriusXM Internet radio like a second tier subscription. I noticed it still had a channel number (805),

    • Jeff says:

      Darrell, 805 is an interent station, unless you have internet access in your car you are not going to be able to listen to it. After reviewing their “new” line-up, why can’t they put EnLighten on channel 65?

  6. Jeff says:

    Well, EnLighten is al that I listen to on satellite, if Sirius drops them then I’m cancelling my account for sure.

  7. Jeff says:

    Some important Email addresses for Sirius

    Mel Karmazin, CEO

    Patrick Reilly
    212 901 6646

    Sal Resendez
    646 313 2405

    Don Geronimo:

    Scott Greenstein is President and Chief Content Officer of SIRIUS XM Radio

  8. David says:

    Sirius/XM AND Enlighten need to stop the secrecy and announce their intentions, and WHY. If May 4 is the target date there is no reason to keep people in limbo for whatever is Enlighten’s “future.” Internet is not an option or alternative. If they are no longer on radio, there is no reason to continue to XM.

  9. Davy says:

    Actually there is no secrecy. It is plainly stated on their website and quoted above.

    We are very disappointed as well and have been sending emails and making phone calls to Sirius/XM to let them know. Please do the same.

  10. Jimmy Millikin says:

    We will be canceling two sub. also if they drop enlighten34. We listen 24 hours a day on the road and at home. I am a traveling minister, and I am not interested in the internet radio!! I will switch to pandora and the gospel station on my iphone and will encourage everyone to do the same. Cancel xmsirrus and go smart phone and to pandora and customize your music or the gospel station is awesome!!!!

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  12. Gerry Pilgrim says:

    I am disappointed to hear that EnLighten is being removed from Sirius satellite service. Living in a rather remote area of Upstate New York, EnLighten is my ONLY source of on-air Southern Gospel music. EnLighten is also close to the ONLY Sirius channel I listen to in both my home and my car. Without EnLighten, I will soon find I have no need to continue my Sirius service. This is truly a sad day for lovers of Southern Gospel music.

    Gerry Pilgrim
    25 Main Street
    Delhi, NY 13753

  13. Mark says:

    Please email. However, the only message that SiriusXM will receive clearly is the cancellation of service. I canceled two radios and they prompted offered three free months. I turned down the offer.

    Send a REAL message. Cancel XM today. Thank you very much.

    I will miss Southern Gospel on the sat radio!

  14. Marshall R Motes says:

    If Enlighten goes away so will I.

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