Willie Wynn To Be Inducted Into SGMA Hall Of Fame

According to a post on his Facebook page last night, Willie Wynn was informed that he is going to be inducted into the SGMA Hall of Fame this year.  Wynn was the longtime tenor for the Oak Ridge Quartet/Oak Ridge Boys.  He was featured on several of their hits, songs like “I Know” and “Jesus Is Coming Soon”.  I’m glad to see “Little Willie” honored, he was an integral part in the phenomenon that was the Oak Ridge Boys.  Growing up with my dad’s SG record collection, I’ve spent many an hour with the sound of his trademark tenor voice emanating from my speakers.  Congratulations Willie!

UPDATE: Daniel Mount has the complete list of inductees here.

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I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

7 Responses to Willie Wynn To Be Inducted Into SGMA Hall Of Fame

  1. Kyle says:

    Where’s the LIKE button on this post??? I LIKE IT!!!!

  2. Ernie Phillips says:

    Willie Wynn was my gospel music “idol” growing up in the gospel music era of the60’s and 70’s. In fact, I had so many “Willie” licks when I auditioned for the “Kingsmen,” they encouraged me to develop my own style! ha. This honor is way overdue to another “legend” in gospel music. In my opinion, The Oak Ridge
    Boys” would never be the same without “Little Willie!”

  3. D.K. Winans says:

    Being a “Georgia” boy, I have only the utmost regard and respect for “Little Willie”. Many years ago in Long Beach CA at Jordan HI auditorium,My twin brother and I auditioned for Willie and Elmer Cole of the Tenneseans. When we had finished our stand. Willie said no one sings like that from CA. Where ya’ll from? Our reply? A resonding, Eastman,GA Dodge Co. That opened the door for fellowship,fun and great memories. Seems Willies Mama if I remember was a “peacock” from around Chester,or Empire in Dodge Co. Indeed,time has made a change in me best wishes and a job well done little Willie. A mans gift and ministry will bring him before Kings and great men

  4. Carol says:

    Way to go Little Willie Wynn. (I live in Sylvester,GA)

  5. Ray, Florida says:

    Wille Wynn Is one of the greatest.

  6. Virgle Merritt says:

    Wille and the Oaks came to the Eddy Baptist church in the late 60’s. I have been a fan ever since. Go Wille.


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