Tom And Gail Joyce Depart Crist Family

According to this concert review by DBM, Crist Family bass vocalist Tom Joyce and his wife Gail, who served as the group’s road manager, have departed the group and will be leaving East Tennessee for Montana to care Joyce’s mother.  While I’m sad to see them depart, as I’ve really enjoyed Tom’s bass vocals with the group, I completely understand their reason for doing so.  Please be in prayer for Joyce’s mother, as well as the rest of the Crist Family.  As of now, the Crist Family is planning to just travel with the six remaining vocalists.


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3 Responses to Tom And Gail Joyce Depart Crist Family

  1. Carol Dombrowski says:

    Dear Tom and Gail,
    Making this decision must have been a difficult one for you, but I’m sure that going back to the west coast will be the best way to tackle the ailing parent situation and will certainly bring you closer to your family and grandchildren.
    It’s difficult to be away from children when they grow up so quickly. You do miss a great deal. I know, because one of my daughters lives in Portland, Oregon and we only see what is posted on Facebook.
    Your ministry of 16 years was a gift you gave to everyone and I’m sure it will be a blessing to everyone who met you as well as the Crist Family themselves. What a ministry!
    When my husband and I met Tom at the Mennonite Church in Alden, NY we knew this ministry was something out of the ordinary. You certainly touched both of our lives with the wonderful Christian music and we immediately puchased several of the CDs. One of my favorites is the song Tom sings alone – love that beautiful voice. Keep on singing and blessing those around you.

    God’s blessings to you both in all that you do.

    Carol and Chet Dombrowski
    Lockport, NY

  2. Does this mean they just won’t have a bass part now?

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