Hidden Gems: Rebels – “The Joy Of Knowing Jesus”

This song was recommended to me by Dean Adkins (thanks Dean!) and for good reason.  It appears on the Rebels’ Revealing Sounds LP from 1970.  Personnel on this recording are Charles Booth, Ron Booth, Sr., Jim Hamill, and John Gresham.  It’s a ballad that starts with a simple acoustic guitar intro with smooth group vocals on the first verse continuing with simply the guitar as accompaniment.  After the verse, the key changes with a piano being added.  The second verse is done as a tenor solo.  The chorus features some gorgeous singing from the quartet that builds up to a big tag.  It’s really a marvelous cut that shows you don’t have to have a huge, orchestrated track to have a powerful sound to a ballad.  Piano and guitar are the only instruments present here, and they are played lightly in a way that pushes the focus of the song on the lyrics and vocals.  If you happen to have this LP, pull it out and spin this song again!

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I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

6 Responses to Hidden Gems: Rebels – “The Joy Of Knowing Jesus”

  1. Great post! I love the song and have heard and enjoyed that rendition.

    One other interesting detail: Neil Enloe wrote the song.

    The song is uniquely adept at having a big ballad feel with nothing more than a piano and three/four voices. I think an orchestra might actually ruin it!

  2. Dean Adkins says:

    Glad you liked it. That is one of my favorite LPs by the Rebels.

  3. Daniel Wade says:

    Is this the same LP that had the song “Must I Go Empty Handed?” and “One more Valley” ? My dad had an 8 Track of the rebels and this picture looks like the same one on dad’s 8 track.

  4. Dean Adkins says:

    @Daniel Wade
    It is the same.

  5. LOL. I did a double-take on one of the Booths, because he looked just like Ronnie. 🙂

  6. quartet-man says:

    YGG, I agree that they look a like, but it is more like Ronnie looks like him. 😉 I have heard this song by the Oaks. Duane mentioned some time ago that he really liked Enloe’s cut of this and he wasn’t sure they even touched it. However, he enjoyed singing it.

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