Victoria Huggins Eliminated From American Idol

Victoria Huggins, the 17 year old SG singer from North Carolina, was eliminated at the beginning of tonight’s American Idol broadcast.

While the elimination is disappointing, just making it this far is quite an honor. Congratulations to Victoria, and you have to think that this experience and exposure can’t do anything but help her going forward.

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I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

3 Responses to Victoria Huggins Eliminated From American Idol

  1. New SoGo Fan says:

    Oh thank goodness…I mean I know this is disappointing for her, but this is seriously coming as a relief to me. If I can try to illustrate what I mean, I know someone who once was in a grocery store when a lady asked him if he wanted to buy a lottery ticket. With a little smile, he said, “Oh no. If I won it would ruin my life.”

    • Jonathan Moss says:

      I for one am very sad to see Victoria voted off. Victoria is a very good friend of mine and is deeply grounded in God’s Word. Just because someone is on American Idol does not mean it will ruin their life. Mandisa and Chris Sligh are Christians and they are born again Christians who are using their talents to serve the Lord.

      • New SoGo Fan says:

        You know it’s interesting you should mention them, because they both eventually pursued careers in Christian music. And I think that if you asked them, they would probably say that everything worked out for the best. Neither of them won American Idol, but just imagine what might have happened if they had? I don’t think they would have had the freedom to make CCM music—there would have been tremendous pressure on them to have a secular career.

        Now that Victoria has had her 15 minutes of fame, and nothing more beyond that, she’s free to be whatever she likes—perhaps even a southern gospel singer!

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