NQC Schedule And Controversy

In recent news, the NQC has announced their main stage schedule here.  This has sparked some pretty heated discussion, as the Board cut down the number of artists on each night, and in doing so, eliminated some artists from the main stage altogether.  By far, the elimination causing the most controversy has been the Dixie Melody Boys.  Complicating matters is the fact that this year is the 50th anniversary of the Dixie Melody Boys, and the group had hoped to stage a “mini-reunion” with their set.

A few of the other omissions are notable to me as well: Soul’d Out, Liberty Quartet and the Ball Brothers.  I really feel like the Ball Brothers represent the future of SG music, so it’s a shame that they won’t be appearing this year, Liberty is the best quartet the average SG fan has never heard, and Soul’d Out is the reigning Horizon Group of the Year.  The 50th Anniversary of the DMB is the most unfortunate situation though, and I hope that the NQC Board will find some way to get them a slot to allow them to celebrate such a milestone.

That being said, look, the NQC Board is also really in a no-win situation here.  Every year we hear complaints about how attendance is dwindling, and how the evening concerts continually run into the wee hours and are way over the scheduled time.  The “stop light” and fines have helped some, but the concerts still seem to run long.  Credit the NQC for trying to address the situation.  The only real way to do so is to cut back the number of artists on the main stage each night.  In doing so, someone is by necessity going to have to be left out, and the artists and fans be upset by their omission.  If it’s the DMB, their fans would be upset, if it’s the Pfeifers, their fans would be upset, or the Primitives, or whoever it is.

My suggestion somewhat dovetails with Kyle’s above, but I’d suggest setting aside 2-3 slots that are reserved for a single slot for the “second-tier” artists, and let them rotate years.  Maybe one year you have the DMB, Primitives, and Chuck Wagon Gang, then the next year you have Liberty, Ball Brothers, and HisSong.  You could even merge the two suggestions and allow the groups without a prime time slot to have the “opening” slots that year.

Either way, the NQC Board is at least trying something, and there’s something to be said for that.  I’d rather see them trying new ideas than to be content to turn a blind eye and let the status-quo continue.

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7 Responses to NQC Schedule And Controversy

  1. Mark Crary says:

    Just Looked at the NQC schedule and sorry to see that the Dixie Melody Boys are not there. The Dixie Melody Boys have appeared on the National Quartet Convention for over thirty years and this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Dixie Melody Boys. I had hoped to see NQC celebrate that event with former members of the DMB. Most groups on the main stage have a singer that was with the Dixie Melody Boys. Maybe you don’t think The Dixie Melody Boys are the best or the greatest…but Ed O’Neal has done a ton for Southern Gospel Music and it’s the 50th anniversary of the Dixie Melody Boys. No man has done more for new/young singers in Gospel Music then Ed O’Neal…really just think about all the groups, The Dove Brothers, Greater Vision, The Perrys, Mark Tramell Quartet, Ernie Haase & Signature “Ernie was with the DMB”, The Kingsmen, all have somebody in the group that started with The Dixie Melody Boys. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s sad to see the NQC do Ed O’Neal this way. By the way they “NQC” have The King’s Heralds on 4 times…yes 4 times…who are they and what have they done for Southern Gospel Music ? I don’t know The Kings Heralds or have I heard them, Im sure they are a good Quartet…..but 4 times…come on NQC..do the right thing…let The Dixie Melody Boys Sing.

  2. Fr. Patrick Gallagher says:

    I’m kinda with Mark on this one. The King’s Heralds are a great historic and traditional quartet. But, do they really need four nights? I’d say give the DMB one of those time slots and the Ball Brothers another. The idea of a revolving “second tier” is a good one. But ultimately, we need some younger faces on stage. Jason Crabb can’t attract the younger generation all by himself!

  3. burkesbrainwork says:

    I’m not sure the King’s Heralds are a “main-stage” appearing group like the others. They are listed with an “acappella moment” caveat, which, as was mentioned on one of the other blogs, is basically them singing a song from the stands acappella to serve as an “intermission” between groups. So they really aren’t making 4 main stage appearances, thus depriving another group like the DMB or Ball Brothers from a slot.

  4. Fr. Patrick Gallagher says:

    Well that makes a lot more sense! Thanks for clearing that up!

  5. Ann Leeth says:

    I have been attending the NQC for more than 30 years. First thing I want to address if that I was very dissapointed that the Singing News awards was moved to Dollywood, After coming to the NQC, at quite an expense, then to travel again for the Singing News awards is too costly for a retiree.

    Now as I was looking at the schedule and noted several great groups do not even get to sing any night at NQC is very upsetting. Why doesn’t the groups that get to sing more then one night give up one of their slots to a group that doesn’t have that privlidge? Are we not Christians trying to present the gospel to a lost and dying world?

  6. when a car doesnt run right ,you dont take everything off the car ,and replace it ,thats what they did with awards ,leaving people on saturday expecting a full night of singing ,instead got a partial night,and awards ,like it or lump it .never mind folks like me and my wife,and bus groups etc.who came for years expecting things to be the same ,looking forward to it and finding things changed. t hey did a good job,it was planned well ,but it was not saturday night .so Iflipped to friday ,gave up great seats,then they changed saturday back basically .

  7. more quartets ,less singles,trios and family in moderation ,accept for those like Booth brothers ,tallys, PERRYS ,HOPPERS , OTHER GROUPS LIKE PFIEFERS ONE NIGHT OR 2 ,AND GET SOME OTHER GROUPS UP AND MIX UP QUARTETS SOME .I HAVE COME 2 NIGHTS USUALLY SOME NIGHTS THREE, next year with my wife it will be one or none probably ,to run all quartet night wed,and leave me two quartets monday after 18 years ,dont cut it .poor job their.someone need to get their act together ,and get great advice ..God bless charlie

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