CDs for Christmas 2010

Back in the days of being single and living at home, when I wanted a CD I would just buy it.  Since getting married over 7 years ago and being a homeowner, and later a father, I’ve had to cut back on my purchases.  Every year for Christmas and my birthday I make a list of CDs that I would like to have and here are the ones that were gifted to me this year.

Chicago Transit Authority (Chicago I)

Rascal Flatts “Nothing Like This”

Brian Free & Assurance “Never Walk Alone”

Booth Brothers, Greater Vision, Legacy Five “Jubilee 2”

The Greenes “Far Down The Road”

Triumphant Quartet “Love Came Calling”


So what did you get this year?



5 Responses to CDs for Christmas 2010

  1. Money to use toward a mandolin – I’d borrowed my mother’s whenever necessary for years when I was in OH, but the time has come to get my own. 🙂

    That’s probably the only one that has any SG connection. Though, among what I gave, there were several SG connections – most prominently several copies of Revelation’s debut CD. (I guess that shows what I thought of it!)

  2. Brian says:

    I got all three of the Gold City Heritage Collection DVDs (!), GV/L5’s Live at the Palace DVD, and King’s Gold 1 and 2 DVD’s.

    I got Amazon gift cards, which I used to make these purchases this morning:

    Kingdom Heirs – Telling the World/Good Christian Men, Rejoice (for $49.99!)
    Kingdom Heirs – Series 1
    Kingdom Heirs – 25th Anniversary
    GV/L5/Booth Brothers – Jubilee 2
    Inspirations – The Country Needs the Cross
    Inspirations – What a Day
    Inspirations – From the Smokies
    Inspirations – Highway to Heaven
    Inspirations – Live: 45 Years of Favorites

    Needless to say, I put an enormous dent in my substantial music wish list.

  3. New SoGo Fan says:

    I got two Collingsworth family DVDs, their two new ones from this year (Fear Not Tomorrow and A Decade of Memories).

    Also got Volume 1 of the Booth Brothers timeline.

    CD & DVD of Signature Sound’s A Tribute to the Cathedral Quartet, which I absolutely love, especially the DVD!

    Also got Signature Sound’s debut album Stand By Me, which I haven’t listened to yet but am looking forward to enjoying!

  4. natesings says:

    I forgot to mention that I also got “Christmas With David Phelps.”

  5. AndyS. says:

    I got the following cds for Christmas:

    Never Walk Alone: BF&A
    Healer of My Heart: Sisters
    Welcome Back: Greater Vision
    You Can Have a Song: Greater Vision
    Love Came Calling: Triumphant Quartet.

    They are all really great!

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