First Love Resurfaces…Sorta

A couple of weeks or so ago, I noticed a Twitter post about Jeff Snyder joining Troy and Katy Peach and performing a concert as First Love.  I asked Jeff if there was a potential for more appearances by the three.  This was his reply:

As a matter of fact, yes! Troy called me a few months ago, and asked if I could do a Tuesday night camp meeting with him and Katy as First Love.  Since, it was a Tuesday night, and I knew that I would be free, and also the fact that I love to sing with them, I said yes.  The service was amazing, and it just felt really good to sing again after being off the road since the passing of Tony Greene.  After the service, Troy asked me about singing with him and Katy on select dates throughout the year.  We discussed it, and realized right away that we all have the same view about that word “select”.  Troy is working fulltime for the dynamic vocal group Sisters, and is committed to them when it comes to his working schedule.  Katy is loving the ability to be at home with their twin boys, Clayton and Shelton. The boys are their world and the ability to raise them off the road is a high priority to Troy and Katy.  My schedule, although flexible, is committed to my wife Melissa, and what we feel the Lord is leading us to do in missions work and the insurance company I help run on a daily basis.  Plus, I really am loving home life these days.  I have traveled fulltime since Melissa and I have been married, and we are enjoying the weekends together now that I am home.  I guess what I am trying to say is that Troy, Katy, and I have the same vision on making this a limited schedule ministry.  If anything, I want to do it just to hear Katy sing!  Also, I am trying to break the record for “artist in SG that has sung with the most married couples”! I think I am close! Anyway, I would encourage SG fans to expect a facebook page and possibly a website to keep up where we will be ministering throughout the year. We really hope this will be good news for SG followers who have supported us individually with groups we have traveled with throughout the past decade.

I think I can safely say that Jeff can rest easy about this being good news.  While their appearances will most likely be fairly sparse, be watching for them, and if they happen to be in your area, go see them.  With these three dynamic vocalists, rest assured it will be a concert to remember!


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I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

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