Home Where I Belong: Why We Should Keep It

In what ironically could be one of his most comment provoking posts ever, Daniel Mount this morning made his case for retiring the song “Home Where I Belong.”  Daniel also closed the comments on the post (he has since reopened them), and Kyle has mildly taken him to task for doing so.  Daniel and I communicate fairly frequently, and I consider him a friend, so this is not meant as a personal attack on him.  I disagreed with the cynical nature of his post, and left a comment indicating such.

However, after further thought, I also feel that more importantly he has focused the attention on one specific phrase, and in doing so removed it from the larger context of the song.

From memory (it may not be exact, but it’s close) here is the first verse of the song:

They say that Heaven’s pretty, and living here is too
But if I knew that I would have to choose between the two
I’d go home, going home, where I belong.

The verse is saying that even though living here on earth presents us with beauty (ever seen the mountains of WV covered in snow?), that beauty pales in comparison to the beauty awaiting us in Heaven.  Further listening to the song makes the point that we are to gladly serve Christ in the short time we have on this earth, but our true destination and home will be more than we can even imagine living here.

By focusing the attention on the single phrase “They say that Heaven’s pretty and living here is too”, he’s missing the point of the verse.  It’s comparable to me making the statement “I’m dirt poor”, that is a point that could easily be argued.  But if that phrase had been uttered in a larger context like “I’m dirt poor compared to Bill Gates”, then the larger context in which the initial phrase exists validates the statement.  That may not be an exact comparison, but enough so that you get the point.

Musically this is a beautiful song, and the GVB and Imperials have both done fantastic renditions.  But more than that, I think the message that the lyrics bring are quite relevant, quite valid, and frankly quite needed.

In any case, I was struggling with an idea to blog about today, so thanks Daniel!  🙂

About Wes Burke
I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

3 Responses to Home Where I Belong: Why We Should Keep It

  1. Wes,
    I agree with you, and wrote similar thoughts in a comment under Kyle’s post before I saw yours.

  2. LeviSJ says:

    OT: I have seen, lived, and have had to drive in the WV mountains in the snow. I have to really look hard at them to see the beauty. LOL Actually, when the trees are covered in several layers of ice and it multiplies the sun’s gleam throughout the entire leafless, icy forest, it is something to marvel. Still, I’d rather not have to endure the wintry effects on the road.

    • burkesbrainwork says:

      I’ve had the 2.5 hour trip from Charleston to Morgantown expand into 6 hours because of near white out conditions. I feel you. But when the snow has stopped and the mountains are covered in white, it’s a gorgeous drive up I-79.

      Also it’s a bit ironic as since I typed that post, it has started snowing with a fury in downtown Memphis, TN!

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