Revisiting The All-Star Quartets

Yesterday’s Hidden Gem post got me to thinking about the unrealized potential in the All-Star Quartets series.  I’m not sure how sales were of those CDs, but I’d guess not as strong as they could have been.  For instance, how many of you would like to hear David Phelps in a quartet setting outside of the GVB?  How about Phelps and Daniel Riley in a quartet together?  You could on that album.  One song (which appeared minus the bass vocal on Lordsong’s debut CD) featured Phelps, Michael Lord, Daniel Riley, and Bill Lawrence.  For completeness’ sake, the song is “Trial Of The Heart” and is probably the best song on the disc.

I’d think that doing more of these type of discs would be a great thing today.  The “Hymns” side is actually a little less appealing to me than the current material.  Let’s take Daywind as an example.  They’ve got quite a stable of songwriters.  Names like Lindsey, Peck, Funderburk, Habedank, Haun…these folks are constantly churning out songs.  Some probably never get recorded that are incredibly strong.  Why not take a bunch of these great songs that haven’t had any exposure yet and put some all star groups together to record them?  I’d also like to see the groups expanded to include some mixed groups as well.

How would you like to hear these four together?  Katy Peach, Kim Ruppe Lord, Paul Lancaster, and Glenn Dustin.

No thanks?  Well how bout this?  TaRanda Greene, David Phelps, Scott Inman, and Chris West.

I’d tend to think that this would be a win for all involved.  The writers and publishers get more great songs out, and marketed well, I’d have to think folks would eat them up.

Crossroads, Daywind, Mansion, Gaither Music Group, New Haven, I’m looking at you guys.  Make it happen!


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5 Responses to Revisiting The All-Star Quartets

  1. Kyle says:

    The biggest hurdle I see with this idea, as cool as it is, is the CONSTANT turnover anyway. You would have to market the CD based strictly on individual name recognition, instead of the source group.

    Here is “Gloryroad,” sung by Josh Cobb of Gold City, Ryan Seaton of Signature Sound, Troy Peach of the Perrys, and Chris West of the Blackwood Quartet. I’d be seeing a lot of “formerly” in the credits…..

    Given the release dates of the original All Star CD’s, I’m willing to bet at least half of the group credits are outdated by now.

  2. burkesbrainwork says:

    I actually mentioned this in an email discussion before I posted it. You would definitely want to market based on vocalist name, not group name. I think that may have been one of the problems with the first ones. As I remember, they were promoted as “featuring members of….” instead of just pushing the vocalists. Of course, that goes against the mindset of SG. SG tends to shy away from promoting individual talents.

  3. The original All Star Quartets was a bit of a let down. I’m going on memory, but I don’t think they featured many solos and all the groups sounded the same regardless of who happened to be singing. Also, it was mostly unfamiliar songs, so they were throwing too much at the listener all at once.

    I remember liking the hymns project better.

  4. Naomi says:

    I’m a sucker for All-Star quartets, so I’d definitely buy it! The lineup possibilities are endless. The turnover issue is a very good point… I agree with Wes, you would HAVE to market the CD based on an individual’s name. Since it’s an “All-STAR” quartet, hopefully folks would recognize(going by name only) that the vocalist on the CD is currently singing in their favorite group. It would be a slight problem for the percentage of SG fans that love Triumphant(for example) but don’t know “Scott Inman” from Adam!

  5. Andrew S. says:

    Wes, I appreciate your desire for a mixed All-Star Quartets album. The suggestions you made were outstanding. To add a few more, I’d like to hear Libbi Perry Stuffle, Gerald Wolfe, Mark Trammell, and Tracy Stuffle singing “God Walks the Dark Hills” like they did on Remembering the Greats. I wouldn’t mind hearing Amber Thompson, Courtney Collingsworth, Scott Inman, and Jeremy Lile sing “We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown.” Also, to hear Lauren Talley, Joseph Habedank, Jim Brady, and Glenn Dustin.

    Thanks for the post! I really enjoyed thinking of how great this type of album would be! : )

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