YouTube Clip #40 – Steve Ladd filling in with Gold City

I had the privilege of seeing Gold City last Saturday and had the treat of hearing Steve Ladd filling in with them.  He didn’t miss a beat and you would think he had never left the group.  Here is their closing song of the evening, “Preach the Word.”

8 Responses to YouTube Clip #40 – Steve Ladd filling in with Gold City

  1. Diana says:

    You’re right, it did look – and sound – like Steve had never left!!! I was there, too, so I wish we had gotten to meet each other.

  2. natesings says:

    I wish I had known that! Sorry I missed you again.

  3. New SoGo Fan says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard Steve sing the song better–even in the studio.

  4. New SoGo Fan says:

    Only thing is though, it sure sounds like Bruce is hitting a sour note there at the end… maybe just me.

  5. Naomi says:

    Wow! That was fantastic!! I really loved Steve with Gold City and hated to see him go 😦 . I think you may be right , NSGF … but even then, it’s not bad enough to throw off the ending. Great video, Nate! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. Wade says:

    Great Clip but what’s up with the wardrobe… is this a cattle auction or in lower alabama, they seem to be too casual!! Dress Up a Little people paid to see you they do not want you to come out and dress like them. An entertainer is supposed to dress at least one level above the audience!! Wonder if they tried to recruit Steve to come back so they could dump the new guy???

  7. natesings says:

    Actually it was in a cattle barn. You may not be able to tell in the video but the floor is dirt.

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